#DirtyPairCember Episode 4: Pursuit Has The Smell Of Cheesecake And Death

This show man. I’m having some fun times right now. This episode was very simple in concept, but the jokes and endless amount of comedy kept me rolling with laughter the entire time. The “Lovely Angels” working with 3WA allows them the chance of having all sorts of jobs. That can be from scamming a casino to saving a space cruise liner to now, finding a cat across the city. Specifically, a cat, named Malatesta, who used to test muscle enhancers. It’s up to the Lovely Angels to find him. Well they do it? Surprise, it does happen. That’s only a catalyst for everything else.

In this episode, the Lovely Angels ruin a lot of lives. Some are for morally right reasons, others aren’t. As they chase Malatesta across town, both of the girls interrupt newly weds on their honey moon night by walking in on guys in the shower, cause untold amount of damage in traffic, somehow get robbers about to break into a hair vault using a train to be arrested by holding the people at gun point, and eventually, the last car chase and an epic fight scene with the wrestling female wrestling duo, The Elegants, at an unfinished bridge.

Also, this scenario was foretold in the opening scene as well. Besides showing how connected and somewhat “married” Yuri and Kei are during the opening scene where each girl knew the other’s habits to the second, Kei was watching The Elegants wrestle and win. Apparently the Lovely Angels are also based on a wrestling duo, so this match up was going to happen. Even if it’s for a small reason, the chaos and choreography of this fight scene was beautiful. Good team work and good comedy. That’s all you need. So much fun.

This episode isn’t as good at episode 3 for me, but it’s very solid. I really like it. Hope this fun streak continues.

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