#DirtyPairCember Episode 5: The Heat of Criados

A lot of revealing things in this episode of Dirty Pair. In a lot of ways really. Before that, let’s discuss the plot first.

In this episode, we start off with Kei and Yuri heading towards a planet for vacation in a rental space ship. Kei is happy about the cute guy she is going on a date with and Yuri is just not having it at all. Then the craziness happens after landing. They meet a random space thing which has a count down to their deaths, They have to use their ids to get a hotel, robots instantly attack both Kei and Yuri causing damage through out the city they landed at and Kei spends the time in her underwear, and they end up at a space station named Criados for something they did in their past, and they blow it up. Kei rides away on her space ship for her date leaving Yuri there. That was wild yet hilarious. This is a good episode once again. HOW DARE!

The first revealing thing for me in this crazy yet hilarious episode is how normal a lot of crazy technology we have right now is. For instance, let’s talk about some controls in the ship they rented. Can you imagine a universe where gravity controls are as common place as a stereo system? Especially when Kei rented it for obvious romantic endeavors, right? What about being able to just rent a spaceship? How much do the Lovely Angels get paid? How much does a rental spaceship cost? These are questions that this show casually makes me wonder in a good way. I wish I could live in this universe where space travel can just happen.

Secondly, we see more about the Lovely Angels themselves. Things like Kei just being in her underwear in public and not even thinking about it says so much about her life. Same with the girls just causing getting involved with something crazy about a genius they angered and crazy space things chasing after them. Is this just something that happens? Is this why they are somewhat disconnected from everything around them and they just get used to living with the madness of their lives? Maybe this is a little introspective, but these are things I’ve been thinking ever since watching this episode. Being a person for hire in space must be a hard life.

Anyway, another fantastic episode with cool things going on. Episode 3 is still the best, but the quality is still generally great.

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