Weekly Manga Reads

I don’t know how, but I’ve somehow become some kind of manga reader in the past couple years. Yeah, that’s thanks to things like Shonen Jump + and some good humble bundle manga deals that I’m pretty excited to dive into more in the future. I only read in small parts because I am a scatter brain and only have a small amount of time to read manga and watch anime a day. On the best days, I only read about eleven chapters a day. On busier days, I might read three. You can probably guess what manga that is. One Piece. I try to at least read three chapters of One Piece manga a day at a minimum. I’m also going through Chainsaw Man and Boys Over Flowers right now too, but they aren’t as high priority right now.

Sundays are my larger manga reading days. You can tell this from all the small twitter threads I create every Sunday. Mainly because Shonen Jump releases a lot of individual chapters of different manga every Sunday. One of my most exciting manga appears on Thursday. But regardless, there are some manga that I force myself to read every Sunday too because I don’t want to spread through some powerful and emotional stories. That’s where the idea of this post came from. I should have written this post earlier, but maybe I will write more installments over time.

For now, we should start with some that I find really enjoyable.

Blue Flag

Blue Flag is a drama that takes place during the last year of high school and features the love triangle between three different high schoolers, the best boy and popular Touma who likes Taichi, Futaba who isn’t popular and wants to get a closer relationship to Touma, and the unpopular Taichi who Futaba is asking to help her get a closer relationship to Touma. It’s a messy, but very relatable.

I read this manga at one chapter a week because I really like it and I don’t want to speed through it like I did previously. I just want it to last longer and considering Shonen Jump just drops it in bunches and then waits a long time, I want to make sure I have a constant stream somehow.

Our Blood Oath

Our Blood Oath is a manga about two “siblings”, one a powerful vampire and one a human, living out their lives fighting some really evil vampires, exploring the world of vampires and humans, and such. It’s pretty decent. I feel like if I didn’t read this one weekly, I don’t know if it would catch me as easily. Still, it’s really fun even if it’s pretty uneven. Some chapters are better then others, but I hope it continues to stick around.

Magu-Chan: God of Destruction

Ok, this is one of my favorite comedy manga. Completely underrated and is so nice and wholesome despite its name. This is about a lonely girl named Ruru who found the god of destruction, Magu, on the beach one day. She took the god in its weakest form as a pet which is fun in itself. Now, the manga has expanded its cast with other gods of destruction and such. Each chapter is a lot of fun and warms my heart.

If you are wondering what it’s like, a lot of the comedy is like Devil is a Part Timer and Squid-chan. That meeting of cultures in a good, funny way. Very Chunibyo without being too much and very good character and situational comedy here as well.

Me & Roboco

Another gag manga, but it’s humor is more referential then anything else and it’s pretty funny as well. It’s a manga about the adventures of a boy named Bondo and his very different from other cute maid robots. One that causes all sorts of damage and constantly fails. So it’s comedy about that difference while exploring different manga and anime references every other chapter or so. Very short, but very funny.

Kaiju No.8

This manga is about a 32 year old man who wanted to join the force to fight against Kaiju when he was a kid, but failed his exam and is instead cleaning up after kaiju fights. Of course his life changes when he turns into a Kaiju, which he has to hide, and has one last chance to join the force. This manga is wild with great female characters and is still establishing it’s story at the moment 19 chapters in, but I have been enjoying watching it grow every week.

Spy X Family

This manga is the best comedy manga possible. I know that I mentioned good ones already, but what isn’t funny and wholesome about a “marriage” between a spy and an assassin who adopted a psychic kid? Nothing. We get some fun things from spy adventures to cute and funny school chapters to both of them combining together. I haven’t even gotten into the details of how good this manga is, but I really don’t want to give anything away here at all. Please read it if you get the chance! 😀

Sakamoto Days

This one is a brand new comedy manga centered on a former assassin who became a wife guy and now owns a grocery store. He barely talks, but you understand him through his interactions with other characters and his stairs. Its wonderful and I hope it’s funny for long time afterwards.


  1. I’ve never heard of these manga series, but they sound interesting. I haven’t read as much manga as I used to and the only thing I read this year when it came to that medium was re-reading all 23 volumes of Hikaru no Go.

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  2. Yeah I’ve been enjoying Kaiju No 8. It’s the first time I’ve ever started an ongoing series while it was early on. Typically I like to wait until it has around 100 chapters or so before getting into a title but this one looked like it had a great concept right from the jump so I couldn’t wait. I’m definitely eager to see where it goes from here

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  3. Kaiju No.8 is so good. I think it was one of your tweets about the series that first got me to notice it and I haven’t looked back since. I can’t wait for them to release collected volumes so I can start giving it pride of place on one of my shelves.

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  4. I’ve read all of these series in some capacity, although occasionally I panic that I haven’t caught up on free chapters and spend a night catching up. I basically sandwich in a chapter whenever I have time and am in the mood for it, which is a lot of times per week (and considering I have about five sevenths of all my manga list not being completed or dropped, plus I read manga in 2 different languages…I better).

    Is this post ranked in terms of enjoyment in any way? Lately, sharing rankings of WSJ manga seems to have become kind of popular in my neck of the woods…Speaking of which, I should make my own version of this post.

    You probably didn’t mean it, but i laughed when you said “stairs” in the Sakamoto Days take.

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    1. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. 😁. No pressure at all in reading them.

      Nah, it was supposed to be somewhat alphabetically, but Sakamoto was a later addition and I was pretty tired when scheduling this post. As seems to be the case with all of them.


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