#DirtyPairCember Episode 6: Lots of Danger, Lots of Dummies

This episode of Dirty Pair is once again, pretty standard. It follows a path that you expect it to with some dumb guys and just does that. Kei and Yuri are on top of the situation again and get what they want. Done.

That may sound boring, but this is all of that in space. Our Lovely Angels are assigned to be one of many space ships to carry a Mineral Prism to a distant research facility. Do they have the decoy or not? I think you could expect that they do. Somehow, the girls are attacked by pirates just like every other space ship was. The first scout pirate ship is easily defeated by Kei and Mughi, the cat, while Yuri piloted the ship. Kei is very fun and hot blooded after all. Then the fleet really shows up and it’s headed by Kei’s former childhood acquaintance Kaia. They eventually escape this fleet with a bomb and achieve their goal after bribing their boss to get a bonus. Easy.

So yeah, that’s the episode. Pretty straight forward, very cool space action scenes that remind of Spike piloting his Swordfish in Bebop, except it’s Yuri with the Lovely Angel in awesome piloting skills, and such. Kei had her awesome action women fights through spaceship hallways too. The build up for the craziness was great too. Same with the casual space things with how being a space pirate is a career choice that people can just choose. That idea is so hilarious to me and provides how casual space travel is in this universe once again. There was the casual innuendo dialogue that can’t help make me laugh as well. This show is just great fun.

Six episodes in and Dirty Pair just has those excitement of sexy action girls in space who can do whatever in this casual space universe. Can’t wait for more.

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