#DirtyPairCember Episode 7: Love is Everything. Risk Your Life to Elope!!

I know that I am getting ahead of myself here, but Dirty Pair said trans rights. Yeah, just wanted to get that out into the open before starting this post. That is a lot of the subtext behind this episode.

This was the first episode that the Lovely Angels weren’t in control or barely could do anything to change their fate because their lives where never in the balance. Kei and Yuri were only hit-men assigned to give money to who was supposedly holding the ceo’s son hostage. The boy’s name is Clicky and before he was married to multiple girls, he escaped his wedding with the girl of his dreams, Joanca. A complete bad ass that the boy is in love with and the love between them is real. Somehow, there is a real scheme here with the ceo trying his best to get Clicky away from her with different schemes and the question constantly is “why”.

Well, it turns out its because Joanca is trans. The terminology the episode used is “used to be a man” specifically. Something Kei and Yuri say is common these days. Yet, the father figure rejects it and pushes Clicky to see how far he would go for his love. He inevitably launches Joanca in space to where Clicky and Joanca will meet at different ages in 50 years. So the episode supposedly ends sadly, until Clicky chases after her into space followed by the ceo followed by his mistress in space. It’s very funny way to end this episode where nothing is resolved besides the state of the company in question in 50 years, but it supports Clicky’s love for Joanca too. A delicate way to handle this situation while also being Dirty Pair and very casual in tone with its humor.

So this adds a lot of things to this universe as well. Space travel is cheap but long term space travel is something that only companies can purchase or use, people have easy access to gender reassignment surgery when want it, and transphobes still exist unfortunately as well. Such is the way of the world.

Very good and important episode of a different kind. I wonder how many serious episodes there are down the line. Time to find out.

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