Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2020 Anime Season Week 10

At the near end of this season, two anime returned. Attack on Titan with it’s final season and Obsolete Season 2. I didn’t feel like saying much about Obsolete in this portion because it doesn’t interest people a lot, but Attack on Titan is back with one of the most interesting episodes.

On a non seasonal front, it’s interesting that all the non seasonals had much more laidback and thoughtful episodes leading to their conclusion. I suppose that there is three, three episode arcs to solve everything. That’s going to be interesting to watch too.

Seasonal Anime

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 9

Well, this episode was something special. I mean, every episode of Golden Kamuy is special for its own reasons, but this was a backstory episode with a lot of meaning behind them. At first, this was an episode only with our three assassins escaping Russian hands for a moment of silence in a small town. A small town where they asked one man, a photographer, to teach them Japanese before escaping into Russia. The result of a fight for independence and modernity in Russia. These were the women they are breaking out, Wilk who is Asirpa’s dad, and Kiroranke.

Their life is happy for a while until the Russian cops show up and cause drama to happen. The russian troops are after the Japanese photographer who sent his wife and his baby back home to be safe. Of course, this is where the drama happens. A shoot out occurs and the wife notices that the men are her house are outlaws and runs back. What happens? She gets shot by someone and so does the baby. Both are dead with one bullet along with the Russian soldiers. Most of our people, besides the prisoner, make it to Japan while the Japanese photographer turns out to be Lt. Tsurumi. Where you expecting that? No. but it makes sense in context and adds weight to the experience.

With Sugimoto arriving at the location Asirpa is next episode and the major prison break out happening next episode, there is a lot of drama up in the air and I am excited about it here. I really do love Golden Kamuy.

Akudama Drive Episode 9

The growing strength of Swindler increases as she grows more and more into her own role of being an Akudama. Same with her being a part of a duo, with sister, that Courier has to babysit because she doesn’t know what she’s doing or can just walk into trouble easily. There is a setting of plenty of riots in the street of Kansai due to the Akudama that Swindler does take advantage of somehow. Through social media to keep police busy while the three of them go the executioner base to find brother. There, easy.

There is also the second half of this episode which involves Cutthroat in order to completely kill Swindler once and for all. He is the reason why the Executioner base is empty, but he wants Swindler dead. Swindler runs through the hallways of that base completely terrified by him until Swindler found a place with Executioner weapons and actually killed him, which is excellent. Too bad they didn’t get brother.  But I do think that Swindler will get to her somehow. There is three episodes left and the world is falling apart. I like it.

I should also mention the moment between Hoodlum and Doctor after they had sex. Doctor is indeed a psychopath, which isn’t hot. Controlling life and death is not a thing that sane people so, so not a fan of doctor at all. She would be the designated psycho path. Gah. Doctor and former Pupil are the final villains. No questions asks here. Also, can you imagine a head of police that didn’t want to set his police against the public who are rioting? Can you tell this wasn’t made in America? Wild.

Adachi and Shimamura Episode 9

Oh hey, the small date wasn’t a disaster and actually allowed the girls to move their relationship forward. Who knew that could happen? I think a simple date would helped it where the characters could be themselves. But it was a date and Adachi still asked her out on one and they traded chocolate as well. Same with Shimamura showing Adachi the announcement on the light up out board of a building how they should stay closer forever. Same with the hug moment (which the localization changed to glomp lol). They did get closer even if it’s smaller. I like it. It’s very natural in what it’s doing.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 10

Found on Crunchyroll

A lot of interesting bits of comedy and drama at the same time. Junpei still has his bullying going on at movie club and his journey with Mahito is going crazy and influencing Junpei in an very emotional sortof way. Itadori is going to talk to Junpei to see what is going on with him while Minami and Mahito are fighting it out in a sewer with increased intensity. Fun times. Not a lot to say, but this is an in between episode of a shonen series which means this is a bit of a good filler for the next episode. I guess that is when it is all going to go down. Very ok episode that is beautiful to watch.

Moriarty: The Patriot Episode 9

Oh hey, Sherlock solved the case. I’m sure that’s not a surprise to anyone, but that’s the main thing that happened. He enlisted in the help of street urchins to find a person that Moriarty placed in the spot of killer who was dying anyway. Just like him to see people expendable in that sort of way. Sherlock was on the run for being a criminal, worked with Watson to solve the crime, and even ignored the dangling of knowing who was the master mind right in front of him. I’m glad that Lestrate was happy and Moriarty supporting him with more crimes and murder. Beautiful.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1

Found on Funimation and Crunchyroll

A lot to take in this episode. For example, there must have been a time skip. The appearance of Reiner looking older really shook that up and he wasn’t even an important feature of the episode. The trenches of Marly vs the other kingdom was with modern technology. The Eldians being forced to sacrificed themselves under Marly rule, some young Eldians trying their best to make a name for themselves in the military to become a, and the lost of tons and tons of lives.

Considering that Reiner lost his life too (I think) with WW1 Technology vs Titans and Titans are losing their value. There is a lot to take in and I liked it a lot. With the introduction of that idea and a time skip, it’s going to be interesting to see where it all connects in the end. How did Attack on Titan get this far and where are our protagonists now. I like set ups like this. It’s just so interesting.

Non Seaonal Anime

Love Live! Sunshine!! 2 Episode 10

On Crunchyroll

A lot of repeated elements from other episodes but seeing Saint Snow show up to give training recommendations to the Aqours in order to win Love Live. Same with Saint Snow finally understanding the girl’s situation a bit too late. The best part for me, was seeing the younger third years never wanting to split up and even making their own shooting star when the sky refuses. I liked all of that meeting in the future to do the same thing and having the same star situation happening. Making their own fate is a theme of this show and it continues with everything. The line of disowning god is amazing. Great episode just for that line being repeated.

Dai-Guard Episode 23

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

Not much to say here other then it’s an episode that focuses on people during an off day. There are various scenarios that show up like Akagi giving a speech we didn’t see, those three guys playing with kids in costumes, and Aoyama talking with Chiaki. A lot of people were interviewed about why they fight with Dai-Guard and their answer was the people. A very good answer.

Bamboo Blade Episode 23

On Funimation

The most depressing episode of this show so far, which must be a set up for the finale where they reunite. The only people holding onto a baseline of happiness are Kirino and Saya and they are the ones who have to decide whether to dismiss delinquents from their club that weren’t there or not for their clubs future. Ok, that’s not true. Satorin is where she was beforehand so she’s just in her general struggle bus. Tamaki is still struggling with her own love of kendo, Miyamiya has her own mental issues in the way. Does that mean that their highest moment was fragile as it could be? I think so because it was based on a lot of assumptions. I wonder how those assumptions will be solved in the end.


  1. I went back and binged through four episodes of Akudama Drive in one sitting and I’ll admit that I really found a second wind with the series after Swindler and the little girl struck off and started trying to survive on their own. When it was all over the top I couldn’t connect to it, but now it’s got that desperate, on the run vibe to it I’m suddenly super invested in the characters in a way I wasn’t at all before.
    It’s definitely a grower, this one.

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