The 2020 WordPress Anime Awards

Hello everyone and welcome an yet another announcement for The 2020 WordPress Anime Awards! It’s our yearly event where a group of great bloggers and I throw examine the seasonal anime we have watched this year and sent our votes out for viewer anime supremacy. What are the best anime that came out this year or man other great categories? That is up to you to decide.

You can vote for what are the best options in multiple characters here:

This year’s categories are:

-Best Boy
-Best Girl
-Break Out Anime of the Year
-Best Opening Song
-Best Ending Song
-Best Fight
-Best Team
-Best OST (Original Soundtrack)
-Best Animation
-Best Protagonist
-Best Antagonist
-Best Continuing Series
-Most Disappointing Series
-Best Still/Stylized Scene

and Finally

-Anime of the Year

The Judges this year are me, Necara, Aya from KawaiiPaperPandas, Otaku Nuts, JonSpencerReviews, Star & Luna, Ano_Nora, Geek Eire, Alexie, Animated Andy, Giraffe K1ng, Subtitled Anime, Cody LaTosh, ASMRSharm, and Leth. Thanks for joining us on this venture for the third year in a row!


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