#DirtyPairCember Episode 9: Hire Us! Better To Get Good-Looking Bodyguards

All of these episodes are fun, so I repeat that here. This time with Kei and Yuri dressed as cowboys in a far away planet. A different of sexy, but one that is still quite enjoyable.

Two drug cartels are interrupting a supply of New Stone mineral from making it outside of planet Praston. A mineral that is very explosive when it gets hit by a laser. So after an accident with the giant scary cat made the Lovely Angels crash, the Lovely Angels set out to handle it anyway. How? Yuri and Kei dress up as cowboys and work their way into the different cartels as body guards. O-Kei for the Dokecchi Syndicate and O-Yuri for the Motal Syndicate. Of course, the girls are a little too smug for their own good and are found out. Supposedly the two are to kill each other assuming these two wouldn’t fight if they were on the side. What surprises everyone is a powerful girl slap fight until their ship shows up. Upon escaping, another accident occurs where a laser blast fires destroying everything. An entire planet just gone. It’s great. best finale to an episode ever.

What I loved about this episode where the aesthetics are more interesting then the fun plot. I mean incidental things. Kei and Yuri in cowboy outfits? Already a winning thing because I talked about that in the beginning. I also liked the wild west yet modern aesthetics of planet Praston, the very large Fist of the North Star style large thugs who are just as useless as here as they are against Kenshiro, and how the girls act in their body guard situations. Kei lives in that more masculine environment and indulges in it by staying at the less nice cartel while Yuri is trying her best to act tough when it’s so not her thing. She likes her luxury and comfort and you know what? I like that. Yuri is that girl that loves sleeping in as long a possible and Kei is ready to go in an instant. Both valid things for two very good girls.

Very fun episode. Cowboys meet science fiction and an explosive ending. What more can one ask for?

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