#DirtyPairCember Episode 10: What! We’re The Brutal Kidnappers?

An episode where everything goes from for Kei and Yuri once again and there wasn’t nothing they could do about it. This time by teenagers and I love how neither of them saw it coming.

Kei and Yuri’s bonuses were based on their next mission. A mission that sounds easy and takes place at a vacation planet with Royalty Caspia. A planet whose king recently died from a heart attack pushing the entire planet into chaos. Their mission? Protecting the Caspian prince, Prince Heace. The same prince that had his dorm room destroyed by terrorists when Kei and Yuri were right by the window and the same prince that is supposedly kidnapped by Kei and Yuri who now have a large bounty on their heads. Literally nothing goes right as they can’t call the Lovely Angel to their rescue, visit the tents of some people who want Kei and Yuri’s bounty. Of course, they meet a girl Rita there who wants in on the gag and wants freedom from her parents. Something that we learn Heace wants too. All hell breaks loose and the girls end up arrested by the police.

I love that Heace and Rita got their way in the end. It’s very similar to episode 7, but I am not sure if Rita and Heace are a couple. Instead, Rita is involved in a way which allows Heace to finally get his freedom. Also, good on Heace do all of this work to setting up Kei and Yuri getting a large bounty with the help of his room mates. This was a set up since the beginning and the girls never gave a thought about it because they consider it so below them. These two young, adult women scantly clad and the boys didn’t even think suggestive thoughts toward them at all. I feel like I would be at that age, so that’s responsible but also suspicious at the same time. Plus, Heace knew how to fire a gun to get the girls stuck in a ravine to get arrested. Freedom and chaos, That’s Dirty Pair.

We also learn how small Yuri and Kei’s equipment are. Earrings to call their space ship and the small GPS unit that Mughi and Nanmo, their robot, use to track Kei and Yuri in prison. Somehow, they will escape and be allowed to their next job. I guess the two did their job. I doubt they will get a huge bonus from it though. They shouldn’t have been too eager for it, I suppose. That’s when bad karma happens.

Once again a simple episode, but with an ending I was more and more excited to happen.

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