#DirtyPairCember Episode 11: Hah Hah Hah, Dresses and Men Should Always Be Brand New

A week off for the Dirty Pair girls? Who knew something like that could happen? Well, no matter what the girls never live an ordinary life. Especially with kids. Damn.

Following the girls black mailing Gooley, their boss at 3WA, the girls are able to secure a week break for once. Too bad the girls got dumped or rejected from the dates they wanted to go on and lucky they got an invitation at a mansion somewhere for a party. A possible party for a rich man which means shopping. Mostly Yuri though. The amazing thing that I can’t believe is that the girls were chased after by the Cauld police for being Pete and Moila. A gang of robbers that are dressed like them which does signify that Kei dresses like a boy too often for normal people and Yuri dresses like a robber as well. What also makes it worse is that it seems like Kei and Yuri kidnapped kids while having their ship held for lockdown due to the situation and it’s the awful kids causing chaos? Also, more jail time for Kei and Yuri who defeat their look alike for not being beautiful, fair, and the disappointing party which is with Gooley’s family.

Lots of fun things to analyze in this episode, which is good. Especially in the first portion where the girls are trying to hit up their boys to go on dates. It’s interesting to see how a life like theirs where they fly all over the galaxy fighting and destroying things would affect their love lives. They wouldn’t have anytime for one, the poor young women. It’s also interesting to see how traveling from planet to planet in hyperspace is just normal state of life for them. I didn’t think it would be considering how they traveled somewhere for vacation earlier, but it’s like driving to cities instead of planets for them. So ordinary. Even Gooley, their boss, lives off the planet the two live on so he must commute through hyper space everyday. Just ordinary world of life in space. Space being boring would be such a downer, which is why I am glad there are so many unique scenarios and episodes for us. Like being mistaken as criminals for instance. I love how that came out of nowhere. It’s just a lot of fun and I don’t think Kei and Yuri can live normal lives. Ever.

The second thing to learn here is how to defeat the Lovely Angels. Besides boys turning them down or dumping them, their weakness is apparently children. Especially smart ass children with the same level of chaotic energy as them but younger. Very accurate to younger children. Their lives were at stake at that moment too which makes it even more hilarious and dramatic. Those children will just not allow the girls to do anything or just live their lives normally. No, they were spotted in a crowd when the real Pete and Moila were holding people hostage. No sense of ordinary allowed for them. Oh well, we get to enjoy their journey and displeasure a bit more then, which is good. It would be boring if they won all the time just by existing. Then again…that doesn’t happen very often either. Just waiting for them to get that win again soon.

Very fun and chaotic episode like usual. I wonder what will be brought in Dirty Pair next time :). Fun adventures in space.

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