#DirtyPairCember Episode 13: What’s This?! My Supple Skin is a Mess

Very fun and very simple episode this week. Did Aliens reference this episode though? That’s what I am wondering about that.

When I say aliens, that’s kind of what this episode was like. The Lovely Angels are tasked with the job of clearing mollusks from the sewers of the apartment building they ruined a while go. The manager/land lord from that building was so happy to see them after that. Not. Honestly, if my building was ruined like that, I would have a similar kind of reaction. But yeah, the Lovely Angel’s lead the assault on mollusks from the Lovecraftian system. Subtle once again, right? Yes, Dirty Pair is full of that and there isn’t going to be a giant monster out of nowhere right? Oh, yeah. There is. An angry manager was upset, but Kei and Yuri led the assault themselves once again so other lives weren’t sacrificed and they won in the end. The building didn’t blow up either. What a surprise? Just a plain ol success for once. I knew they could do it.

My favorite moment was Kei literally bitch slapping the manager after the appearance of the giant creature from the Lovecraftian system. I think the guy is a little too frantic to just be unhappy to see Kei and Yuri? This was just plain sexism because there was no way to know this creature existed down there. Even the people working under the guy knew that. That slap was absolutely necessary and I would have done the same thing that Kei did in that situation. I’m glad she had the self respect to stick up for her and Yuri. Speaking of the girls again, character consistency as well. Kei didn’t mind the smell of the sewer on her while Yuri took a shower. Very much like them.

Ok, the alien thoughts come from the radars that Kei and Yuri were using to detect the Mollusks in the sewers. I know that’s not an original thing because other series have done it and it’s not exactly the same kind of situation, but they still used a radar screen to detect the locations of each of them. Same with the appearance of the giant thing from a big blip on the radar system. This episode of Dirty Pair came out in 1985 and Aliens came out in 1986. It’s entirely possible that could be a thing. I mean, there are a lot of Dirty Pair references in Star Tre: The Next Generation and the reverse so there is some cultural cross pollination going on between anime and western shows. Also, lots of cool flying ships in this episode. It makes me very happy.

Very fun and simple episode of Dirty Pair :).

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