Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2020 Anime Season Week 11

I can’t say that there have been a lot of weeks where I was into something as much this week, but everything was good. It’s always amazing where everything lines up like this.

#Seasonal Anime

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 10

Well then. Compared to the last prison escapade, Ako’s prison was surprisingly easier. Who escaped that? I did I guess. All that needs to be done is opening up a hole in the prison wall. Maybe there is a siberian tiger present, but hey. Not the worst thing there could be. Just one way to die, defeat it and done. Sofia does escape and meet up with Kiroranke, Shiraishi, Ogata, and Asirpa. While being on the way back, this is an episode about Wilk. Not the person that Asirpa knew about Wilk, but the real Wilk and how he got his name. Plus, Shiraishi met up with Sugimoto. The reuniting is happening.

But yeah, this episode is about Wilk. A man named after a wolf for a reason. Yes, Wilk is polish for Wolf. An incident he saw with a lone wolf in his childhood after it was eaten woke up to the experience that happened. It shaped his life forever in how he took the most practical applications to keep his group alive even if he meant death. He was also a revolutionary that saw all minority groups working together to take on the Russian army. That change that Wilk had from that Wilk to the one who had Asirpa was interesting. Sofia, a Russian princess, clearing was in love with that practical Wilk too. A sad story for a guy I only saw once.

Akudama Drive Episode 10

Thank god this episode happened, because I was getting more and more frustrated that Doctor existed. This episode is one long, extended encounter at Kansai’s railroad station. Well, besides the Executioner group going full fascists and declaring whole citizens of being Akudama for protesting and killing normal citizens out of nowhere. Wonderful. Courier, Swindler, and Sister are there, Doctor and Hoodlum are there, and former Pupil and her former junior are there.

One very complicated situation with a lot of twists and turns which put Doctor on top at first, then Hoodlum actually rebels against Doctor, and everything falls apart for her. Doctor is stepped on by random people in a situation where she thought she controlled other people’s live. Swindler influenced people herself, and the show goes on the train out of the city. Crazy times going forward.

Adachi and Shimamura Episode 10

Today in the disastrous life of Adachi and Shimamura, the focus character is Shimamura. She was able to acquire next year’s class with Adachi, but lives her very unauthentic life with other students and clubs with Adachi staying away until the end. Even Shimamura’s friend forces herself to act in certain ways while Shimamura doesn’t do anything or care. At least, Adachi got brave enough to stand up to all of that and actually talk to Shimamura eventually. I hope she has some nice things to say.

A little side plot with Nagafuji and Hino as well in one of those the other side is greener is kind of stories. Hino and her bigger house yet higher class life style vs Nagafuji and her close and more personal life style. That the two just get closer together as well in their own romance story. A lot to think about.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 11

Found on Crunchyroll

Wow, that wasn’t the episode I was expecting to be and I enjoy that fact. Nanami escapes from Mahito the first second he gets with his charged cursed energy attack. Great! The rest of the episode is a drama center on Junpei and Itadori. Some bonding over movies and meeting Junpei’s mom who seems cool. That moment when she died was shocking and Junpei’s turn to darkness was really dramatic too. The two are real opposites, aren’t they? How will the fast friends figure this one out this time? I guess we will see in the future. Very good character writing.

Moriarty: The Patriot Episode 10

It’s interesting to see a Sherlock that is so off the hook in this general way. Not just because he’s solving small issues that bore him, but doubting the decisions he has made. Should he have shot Hope to give proof to the theory of a master mind controlling everything? What is the right decision? Well, this is a sherlock hungry for another major crime to solve and not thinking about the value of lives for the right by asking rich people to die. Which is fair because a lot of them in this show deserve it, but cruel just to have a person die just to solve his own interests. Something that I agree with regarding Watson’s assessment.

What makes this interesting is the incident that happened on the train home from a false flag. Sherlock and Watson had an argument leading Moriarty and Sherlock to have an interesting conversation on the train over a meal. A very wonderful and interesting conversation with a lot of moves in it to be sure. At that time, a noble was murdered on the train and Watson has blood on him. This case is going to take up next episode and bring everything to a conclusion, which is good. A lot to think about in how this was possibly planned by Moriarty? We know this by now, right?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2

Found on Funimation and Crunchyroll

Tying the history of battleships and their down fall of prominence to human beings held in captivity is pretty horrible. (Which means this show takes place in the 1930’s or so when people are about to realize that battleships are down for but not yet). Especially since everything the Eldians have to do to survive is perform and submit to the Marlyians or die is really bad. I do not see how anyone can look at the story telling in this show, how the Eldians have to live and worry about their usefulness or else, and they have to fight against people born from their own kindred to do it. Does that seem messed up to anyone?

We did learn a lot of things in this episode. It’s been four years since the Beast Titan attacked human kind and they have their own biases on the people living on that island. Reiner and Erin Yeagers brother are planning on attacking the island for the role of the founding titan once again and we are seeing the human side of the villains once again. I think we have to know their own stakes to endure them and the fact that there are younger kids who work infinitely hard to hold their own place yet be cute that sells that. This season is going to be something else.

Non Seasonal Anime

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 11

On Crunchyroll

A simple and fun episode, but with a lot of melancholy behind it. Celebrating the wonder of their school for the last time, they run a festival for all students. Very fun, lots of gags, very good dogs, and very busy Ruby. Also, good mascots and dog entrances, and such. I really enjoyed it. My favorite piece was the balloon heart that celebrated it for the last time then launching balloons into the outside of the school. Oh man, this must hurt so much.

Dai-Guard Episode 24

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

A lot of huge things happened in this episode. Dai-Guard personal on standby, a harmless Heterodyne floating over Tokyo, and the evacuation of Tokyo. A big heterodyne that just wanted to be there created chaos from people that don’t understand it. Not to mention the growing number of Heterodyne attacks in Tokyo for a while now since the last episode and the Kokubogar’s development appearing soon. Lots of things to consider, but the military doing the worst thing possible by attacking the heterodyne causing it immediately grow. Yeah, I’m glad the citizens are out of Tokyo, but will there be a place for them to return to?

Bamboo Blade Episode 24

On Funimation

The episode where everyone accepts their pain. This is where the value of support groups during their own support groups matter. Tamaki talks to Yuuji, a person who loses all the time, and comes to accept the value that comes from losing. Saya and Kirino see through each other and allow themselves to accept things, Miyamiya and Satorin have their own solution to Miyamiya not learning fast enough, bullies from beforehand turn in their resignations finally, and everything else. A lot of things happen and comes from the support networks that were built in the show. We can only accept our losses and move forward.

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