#DirtyPairCember Episode 15: Dig Here Meow Meow, The Reward Comes In The Very End

Kei and Yuri are throw into an Indiana Jones adventure in a dead, but very technologically advanced civilization. That’s all you need for a great episode.

This episode features Kei and Yuri on vacation once again on at hotel and they are being hit on by a hot guy with a foreign accent named Stephan. Of course the both of them are in their element sort of. Of course, an old guy being chased by people with suits and guns is more their own speed. Especially Kei who is much more interested in beating up people then the guy himself. The fun begins. The old makes a deal with the Dirty Pair to find a great treasure of the home of an ancient, advanced civilization for 20% of the conflict. With the oldman’s former assistant Clementine after them and the many traps and dangers of the location with an Indiana Jones outfit stuck in a one of them, the treasure is found and it’s only a scroll. One with a lot of ambiguity behind, but we learn about later as a lost energy source that can benefit mankind. All Kei and Yuri get are flowers in their apartment, which they laugh about quite a bit.

So, I liked a lot of things in this episode. The first one is how the technology at the ancient town is how it’s treated. It’s treated with a lot of respect. Especially the treasure itself. It’s not an ancient and expensive thing that an army wants to collect for some reason. It’s a piece of technology that can help humanity and it’s treated completely respect. The comedy comes from human reactions instead. The interactions between the old man and the Dirty Pair are great, the former assistant has the same reasons why she hates the old man as Kei and Yuri have a struggling time dealing with him (garlic smells that can destroy robots), and the amazing DDR game to open up the treasure vault’s door. All such great things. The ancient civilization was a great canvas for these character interactions to take place. I love it.

The incidental things were great as well. Once again, I love the fact that a hotel resort in a science fiction series can just be a very familiar hotel resort. It really does ground the space series despite how ridiculous it is. Also, I appreciate Mughi’s treatment in here. I have learned so much about him in previous episodes besides him being a large cat. He’s a scaredy cat, but he’s also super intelligent and can actually fix robots? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering he flew a ship in the first episode, but still. Fixing a robot is pretty cool. So any cool things.

I loved this episode. IT should be obvious I think.

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