#DirtyPairCember Episode 16: Leave It To Us! The WWWA Is A Wonderful Job

This episode was more heart warming episode then I thought. An episode where the rich meet the poor and vise verse. There is more then meets the eyes.

Once again, another episode of Dirty Pair where the girls don’t want to do work. I wonder how much 3WA spends on keeping the girls employed. Are they just those famous girls that keep 3WA in business so the company has to do their bidding? Anyway, back to the episode. Kei and Yuri are given the job of being the body guards for Sakurako, the heiress for the Yorozuya corporation. A mission where a young girl just wants to wander around a city she has never been herself. The life of a rich girl who seemingly getting lost in a city. Kei takes up her duties when she’s out in the city and Yuri finds her before she gets shot. They experience some fun things like a fun house with a guy with an actual gun. The time line ticks before Sakurako can make it to the rich housing party and she does by a small amount of time. Woo, go her.

Besides the innate thing that I hate like people getting along with the inherently rich in 2020, I do like Sakurako quite a bit. So besides that propaganda, it’s good stuff. I like how Kei has to make a lot of Yorozuya’s decisions that Sakurko is more used to on top. The Yorozuya heiress actually works and wants to know what her company is doing and she notices things that many other people don’t very quickly. To me, that makes Sakurko one of the better rich people who continues working despite how easy it is. Not all rich people are like that even if it’s to her companies benefit. She does care what her company is doing. So yeah, pretty solid position that she is used too.

Some fun locations too. The asteroids game but 3D was pretty fun. This is one of those instances where I’ve played a game like this at Disney land and even at a Fred Meyer’s a long time ago. Pretty cool to see this kind of game exist somewhere in real life. Anyway, good episode. I had fun meeting Sakurako.

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