#DirtyPairCember Episode 17: Come Out, Come Out, Assassin!

For Dirty Pair, today was a cool bottle episode that played on the close case mystery in a way that only Dirty Pair could do. So in general, fun. Just not enough time to fully flesh out a mystery case in 22 minutes.

Today’s episode of Dirty Pair takes place on a space ship. Kei and Yuri are tasked with finding the assassin Sundric and walk into the ship in disguises. Kei as a nun, which was hilarious, and Yuri as a flight attendant. As expected, everything goes wrong. The pilot of the space ship is killed, the ship is locked on course to a black hole. There is a time limit of Kei and Yuri working and investigating the passengers to see who is Sundric is. A wide cast of characters that have their own relations and personalities keeping them afloat. As you would expect, everything does get solved in the last minute right before the black hole in proper action movie fashion.

The cast of characters in this episode were definitely interesting. A loud mouth lawyer, a mother who is a nurse and her son who had a relationship with the dead pilot, a rock star named Bobbit who declared himself the horniest person in the world and is lusting after Kei through most of the episode, and that one boring guy in glasses who got rid of himself earlier. I bet you can guess who Sundric is from that list. Yeah, the mystery itself wasn’t the point but it would have been a little better to make this a two-parter and had the mystery much more interesting. Still, for 22 minutes, not a bad way to get to know these characters and have this incident happen. That’s why it’s still pretty good to me. Especially with Kei and Bobbit’s relationship growing. That was hilarious. What a horny, but honest guy.

It was easy to tell that this episode was a rest episode for the animators. Besides some quick and powerful shots, like Yuri pulling a gun out from under her skirt, not a lot of big action set pieces or well animated action scenes for our girls. Even the space fight outside was Kei holding on for her dear life with a rope and featured her body form just slowly sliding in the black hole without her body moving at all. So basically, a cut out. Well, this was made in the mid 80’s, so that is to be expected. For a the setting piece of the space ship itself, it was cool to see what kind of games and simulators existed on the ship to spend time. That was pretty neat.

In conclusion, a good episode. Just nothing stellar.

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