#DirtyPairCember Episode 18: Excuse Us, The Running Trouble, Violent Breakthroughs

The chaotic and exploding Kei and Yuri are back once again! One of the best episodes so far because it just has everything that I look for what I think of a Dirty Pair episode.

A very simple synopsis for this episode of Dirty Pair once again! Kei and Yuri are tasked with finding the thief named JD. They first attack the wrong hotel immediately getting shot at by a guy in a bath tub inevitably leading to Kei just completely destroying it. However, the girls easily capture JD next time and are tasked with traveling to the Scum City police station because JD is a key witness to a mob fraud case. At the same time, the Police station is completely corrupt and sends larger and larger threats towards Kei and Yuri on their journey. They lose a car, they travel the sewers, ride a bus, and inevitably drive a truck right through the police station to get JD their. They defeated the corrupt police chief by running him over with that giant truck. It’s wonderful.

The first thing that sticks out to me is how inherently violent the citizens of Scum City are. I mean, really violent. The guy in the hotel Kei and Yuri first broke into had an assault rifle. He actively had a gun fight with Kei and Yuri for no reason at all instead of just talking about how this is a misunderstanding. Something Kei and Yuri commented on, which means the guy must of had a gun fight. Same with the citizens on the bus under gun fire. They actively through things at the corrupt cops/mobsters in question and I loved every single second of it. They were every day objects grocery items and eggs thrown at them leading to them all crashing and it’s beautiful. Just so beautiful. These cops are great. This episode just feels like a good episode of a trigger anime. That’s a compliment.

This episode was also a big action spectacle. Not just in terms of wonderful destruction of two buildings, but the shear amount of great action set pieces and action scenes. This was the episode the animators were working on when resting last episode. Car chases, sewer chases, chases on a bus, and the wonderful truck collision right through police cars and a building, and such. Lots of somewhat realistic but exaggerated gunshots too. The best part is this was a good character episode. Kei and Yuri were themselves when stuck in different areas like Kei being very tomboyish and Yuri not wanting to stink, but their evolving relationship with JD. First he wanted to get away, then he became a schemer. Also, their boss Gooley got hurt for the first time too. Lots of good things.

Another perfect episode of Dirty Pair for me to put on my list.


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