#DirtyPairCember Episode 19: Let Love Dispel The Returned Hatreds And The Hatred Of Love

What is true love? We find out today in this episode of Dirty Pair! No, it’s not with either Kei or Yuri.

This episode of Dirty Pair was ok. The synopsis was pretty basic and very anime at the same time. After a mission where Kei and Yuri are fleeting from a paramilitary unit on a different planet. They blow up the base, but still have to deal with the fighters and slowly lose their own shuttle until it crashes into a mansion. The very mansion of the next client, Reimon who had his doll Meshuzera destroyed in that action. The doll was the love of his life because he’s allergic to women. Reimon hired the Dirty Pair to find the people who destroyed his mansion so it’s an episode of the girls flirting with Reimon to distract him from the case and continually failing while his maid Miralda protects him and scolds them. After the paramilitary force returns, Miralda and Reimon are reunited in love once again and the Dirty Pair don’t have to turn themselves in. Kind of annoying.

So this episode was ok. Kei and Yuri being very flirty to a hot guy to save their own bacon. I am a bit annoyed about how a guy can be allergic to women at all. It feels like a bad, old thing that shouldn’t exist. It’s ok for a character to just like guys, ok. But, at least the episode dived more into it by making it viable? Like, Kei or Yuri would hold his hand and it would create some allergic reactions that made him drunk. Yeah, not a fan of that at all still. It’s just a comfort thing because when Miralda and Reimon held hands, no reaction happened. Miralda had a body guard like crush on her attractive younger master and that was it. That’s my main thing besides Kei and Yuri making idiots out of themselves again and sabotaging each other at every turn. I mean, that’s just normal for them. The paramilitary were that vague opposing force in this episode and it was just ok. Led to some good destruction and ok action sounds.

I guess I will just call this episode average. Just not as exciting as it could be.

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