A Conversation With K at the Movies

This is Interview number 9 and it’s getting even closer to Christmas now. There is no other way to celebrating Christmas then celebrating some really cool blogging people. Ok, there might be, but I think this way is pretty good too. This is a season about coming together and I hope this will allow us this to happen a little bit more.

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This week, we look into a blogger by the name of K. A mysterious letter with a whole lot of meaning behind it depending on the context provided to it. K creates a lot of insightful and thoughtful posts in some of the most unique ways possible and has fantastic photo editing skills that are a great aesthetic choice and selling point to reading and looking at his content.

Let’s here about him now.

What is your name, the kind of content you create on the internet, and the name of that or those pieces of media?

Hey, I’m K of K at the Movies. I guess I do movie, media reviews.

When did you first start enjoying the media of which you provide a voice for online?

I just spent way to much time sitting in front of a TV as a kid. In terms of media I “provide a voice for” I take that more into my sort of interest in the novelties and underrepresented sort of media. I think that steams from just enjoying a plethora of YouTube movie critics. I think you start learning about all these different and unique sort of films that people have never heard of and I kind of just love learning about weird and crazy things. I have acquired the taste to enjoy things ironically, but there’s a story behind everything so it fascinates me to not only explore all the media landscape has to offer but uncover the hidden gems in a sense. As someone who has worked on small short film productions, I understand and I respect the craft. I’ve always kind of enjoyed the execution of expressing your imagination so even when I scrap the bottom of the barrel in a sense I admire the effort and doing whatever it takes to execute a vision. I think everyone has said there stuff about the blockbusters or things everyone has an opinion; I think some things deserve more attention than they often do and maybe we can laugh or learn from them in the process.

What made you choose the media that you communicate your thoughts online?

To be honest I think I’m a bit of a farce. I think I prefer making videos as there’s just more room to express yourself creatively with editing and voice inflection and remixing clips. Why WordPress is sort of the more feasible thing to do especially for a variety of thoughts it presents its own challenge. WordPress and written content is limiting but I think working with those tools have made me concentrate on voice and how to express an argument or a point in an efficient and effective manner. I have no interest in doing the crappy webcam bedroom reviews or writing I like this and that kind of reviews and at least want to leave an impression. The goals as I see it is are to be entertaining or amusing, or possibly persuade someone to at least consider a new point of view, or to inform someone to leave having learned something new. I think I’m at my best when I find the balance to achieve all three of those to a degree and the medium it’s achieved in hardly matters.

Has it been difficult to find a voice in the online fandom?

I don’t know you tell me if I have a voice? I don’t know, the film/movie sites across wordpress are very interesting and fascinating people, I just don’t feel that it’s very communion at the moment. I think it’s harder just because there’s such a larger discrepancy where the large sites are kind of huge and there’s a lot of really small sites that don’t go anywhere. I’m sort of that rare middle ground between thousand of follower blogs with TIFF access and RT certifications and like 8 follower blogs that will not be here in two months time. Maybe this is what lead me to become sort of the black sheep of the anime community. I don’t it’s a weird existence on WP, I don’t think I’m working with the ideal target audience/demographic for my style and brand of content. But at the same time I think I’ve found a voice through being a unique and exotic presence here. Call it good, call it bad? I don’t think you can say anyone really does it quite like I do around these parts and that’s were my voice comes from.

When did you start gathering an audience? (Even a small amount of views or subscribers is an audience.)

NEVER. I don’t know it’s hard because I felt like even from the beginning there was a tiny amount of views and support that just keep me going I guess. I feel like I’ve met so many people last year that I feel so bad for the really early days which must have been dreadfully lonely in retrospect…but it never felt that way. I was a grinder and appreciated being small, I know the larger your outreach gets out of your control haters and not fans comes eventually so I’ve always smelled the roses and appreciated the journey. Feb. 14 2019 Was probably the “real” beginning for me as that is when I had a nice positive exchange with Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime and slowly since then I feel she has been one of my biggest supporters and I like to think I return the favor.

Somehow I do a little SPACE TOUR thing, nobody knows who the F*** I am, and even probably after it nobody knows who the F*** I am but that’s the start of crossing paths with a lot of wonderful people and possibly leaving an impression. IDK 2019 was a huge year for me online but I think this year as crazy as it has been is when I really deepened a lot of people I met in 2019. It’s weird because I don’t have an audience, I’ll keep dreaming I really kind of don’t but in 2019 I made impressions and I feel in 2020 I made friends. I guess the moral of the story is I’ve been in this game since 2017 so to anyone just starting out have patience and enjoy the ride it’s hard to predict what happens next but good things come to those that can persevere. The good thing is that it seems that it seems like the previous generation is always making easier for the next group. So as kind of kind of one of the new wave sites around hopefully things get easier to find their audience.

What are two posts/podcast episodes/pieces of art/etc that you are very proud of?

Usually I would overthink this to oblivion but I actually kind of like what comes to mind first. It’s kind of a meme but I think if you had to sum up K at the Movies with one post it would have to be “Pandamonium”. It’s this obscure weird thing that exists and for some reason I choose not to ignore it but dissect it. it’s interesting because it’s a screenplay review which shows the different approach I take to reviewing and critiquing filmmaking. I’ve always put a big emphasis on the visuals and this one was a challenge to do that as with a screenplay it gave me the opportunity to cook from scratch. I think it’s a funny commentary, I think it has valid criticism, and it’s something truly original.

For the time being that’s my flagship. 2nd while mostly underappreciated I think my videos are big commitments and mean a lot to me in terms of growing as a content creator. It takes a lot of effort to bring one of those together and I think it’s K unfiltered and unrestrained. That’s why I’ll probably prop up “Haunting of the Innocent” here. I think it’s got some decent gags and silly moments as well as getting into why the story and filmmaking are an atrocious disaster you got to see to believe.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

No problem, the pleasure was all mine to chat a bit and I hope you and anyone else that unfortunately ends up these autobiography of responses enjoyed themselves at least a little bit.

Where can people find you online? (Twitter @/Facebook group/Blog Link/Place to find your podcasts/Patreon/Other Things?)

Find me at the movies: https://katthemovies.wordpress.com/

I’m also on twitter/letterboxd: K_at_the_movies and you can find me in the Jon Spencer Discord along with a lot of my other WP friends. Thanks for the interview, hope you all have a good one and maybe I’ll catch you around sometimes at the movies! 

Please follow K at the Movies to support their great content and all of his future endeavors. He always comes up with great work, but it’s also interesting to see what comes next. That is the appeal of K at the Movies.

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  1. Thanks for having me, it was fun getting a little loose in the booth. I wish I was a little grammatically coherent but I wanted to put my unique spin on some of the answers, make sure it wasn’t monotonous for readers seeing these questions before.

    Again, t’was fun, I appreciate it.

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