Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2020 Anime Season Week 12

Oh wow are all shows ending or ending their cours really strongly. I’m glad that I chose every show that I watched this season and I think every finale episode is going to be pretty good if their writing continues like this.

I also watched the first episode of Vlad Love, the first thing he’s worked on for a while and it’s pretty crazy. Very gay, very old school, and very horny. It’s very Trigger like in some ways, but Trigger has always had some sense of old school anime style to it. That just what this is and I can’t wait for it to air soon.

Seasonal Anime

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 11

This episode was great. After the long build of Sugimoto and his crew meeting up with Kiroranke and his, it happened. Redemption is on its way. It starts with Shiraishi meeting Sugimoto after saving each other, then the desperate Ogata trying to get the secrets of the treasure out of Asirpa until his untimely demise by getting an arrow in the eye, and Kiroranke running away from the many attacks and danger coming his way. That’s the cliff hanger and it’s time for someone to pay for their crimes.

I have to admit how I loved how wonderfully disgusting each reunion was. Shiraishi and Sugimoto’s reunion was full of fun and spit while Asirpa and Sugimoto’s was wonderfully weird with Asirpa having her eye frozen onto Sugimoto’s button which led to Shiraishi pissing on both of them. Very gross, but wonderfully hilarious and very Golden Kamuy in what it set out to do. Golden Kamuy believes in the dirtiness and realism that comes from meeting outdoors, so I really love that fact. Golden Kamuy is just great. I love it so much.

Akudama Drive Episode 11

Well damn. I’m not sure how to exclaim how good an episode is because this one was pretty strange and wonderful one that may not click with a lot of people. We have the appearance of Hacker in digital form and Kanto being in ruins except for a super computer? Why were the immortal twins needed? To put the knowledge of Kanto and it’s super computer into an immortal body. This after Swindler and Courier were stuck in their perfect yesterdays and what if Courier and Swindler never met, which was wild in its own way and hacker was able to save both of them. With hacker’s help and acceptance of his death, Swindler was able to save the twins from being brain washed at a great cost. The Shinkansen that Courier and Swindler rode into Kansai was destroyed, so that’s an interesting cliff hanger to move forward with.

Adachi and Shimamura Episode 11

The first half of this episode was the opposite of last episode’s perspective and I loved that. Adachi wandering in her own thoughts in locations where she hung out with Shimamura and remembering instead of moving forward. That location she waited for Shimamura for near the ping pong tables had another girl show up. It wasn’t until the false fortune teller showed up that she found the confidence to get what she wanted out of a relationship. Also, I loved that fortune teller who was getting chased by the police. After that, the girls are reconnected once again and even embrace with a hope to never disconnect. It looks like the finale will be very hopeful and touching. I like that, the girls need much more and deserve the world.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 12

Found on Crunchyroll

A lot of good emotional moments in this episode that lead to such strong fights. Junpei and Itadori fight over Junpei’s heart with Itadori sharing the point of view of him not killing anyone. Of course, Junpei’s poison powers did not affect him. When Itadori starts to win, but Mahito changes the game when he kills Junpei right in front of Itadori’s eyes which leads to the Mahito and Itadori fight to get Sukuna out of him despite Mahito not knowing about Itadori and Sukuna’s contract. A lot of things with value which will lead Mahito’s downfall. Especially Nanami and Itadori working together. That episode went by so far fast.

Moriarty: The Patriot Episode 11 (Season Finale)

Well, not the sort of finale I expected but still quite fun. Especially as a duel between Sherlock and Moriarty and their styles of deduction. Of course, we are in Moriarty’s reference frame and we see how much he trusts Sherlock to do a lot of the work, but his slight use of underhandedness to find the murderer on the train. Watson is under criminal investigation and Sherlock obviously misses his partner despite how short of a time they’ve been together. Sherlock actually attempted an apology towards Watson, which failed but Watson understood anyway. With the cliff hanger of Queen Victoria and Mycroft, I am excited for the next cour.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3

Found on Funimation and Crunchyroll

Finally, the backstory to the Titan attack in the opening segment. Can you believe that Reiner wasn’t originally chosen for the armored titan and he was actually able to convince Annie and Berthold to attack Eren’s home in the first place? It’s crazy to see what we saw in such strength in the first episode happened because of such screw up kids who wanted the founding titan. Seeing Eren during his Titan training again and so many moments flip around is pretty eye opening too. A lot of crazy things to consider. I really enjoyed this reflection of the first episode of Titan. It’s about time we saw it. What will this mean for next episode? I am not sure.

Non-Seasonal Anime

Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 Episode 12

On Crunchyroll

This show does a lot of self-reflection episodes and this is the final one before the last performance. A great pillow fight in Tokyo to help the girls to relax. Also, the girls visit where they were last season before their first love live. A shrine to wish for their own success. Also, every person has a moment to self-reflect in their own age groups and with Riko before their final performance. A performance that looked great with clouds and soft song. So beautiful. Very good episode.

Dai-Guard Episode 25

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

Well, talk about building stakes for an excellent finale next week. A general that won’t admit his mistake of getting a heterodyne to destroy the Earth and plans to use OE (nukes) to kill it while the Dai-Guard crew and Kokubogar crew going off on their own to defeat the heterodyne by themselves. They have three hours to destroy it or all of Tokyo is destroyed. Lots of set up, lots of small character movements, lots of crazy moments with the military just accepting to use the OE weapons. Man, why does it have to be like this?

Bamboo Blade Episode 25

On Funimation

Growth. If I had to summarize this episode in anyway, that’s the word I chose. While not every character had a success in this episode, everyone has grown yet there was a sense of melancholy in the air for some reason as well. Miyamiya won her match against Carrie fair and square then won a match where Carrie fought with two soldiers as well. Tamaki also went up against Rin again and won this time. Both players had support from their team mates and were able to just tie for future matches. At the end, the coach left behind because he sacrificed himself for the team to continue probably thinking how they outgrew him. I am not sure what to say about that, but next episode is going to be powerful. This episode was simply great.

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