#DirtyPairCember Episode 22: We Did It! 463 People Reappear

In this episode the plane is found, the case is solved, and the Ross family is back together. Everyone is happy.

Ok, I guess I should admit that the case was obvious in that the kid, Arthur Ross, was involved in the case, but had another factor. This episode was dealing with that other factor. Arthur confessed his crimes. He logged onto the SWA (The Security/Administrations’s) Server and changed the flight data and from 807 flying unmanned to 808 which will arrive later. How did that happen? A flight captain Clocker providing a voice? Why? Because he had his own scheme going on and he wanted to use Arthur’s abilities for his own hostage making scheme. So that’s the episode. Investigators Eddy and Shannon doing the craziest things by themselves to discover where flight 808 went with Kei while Yuri and Arthur found the location where the flight was through hacking and solved the case in the quiet zone. This eventually led to the family falling in love with each other again and Kei and Yuri never reporting that Arthur did anything wrong in the first place. With the girl’s going on vacation, the great episode ends.

I love how this episode proves that it’s just Kei from the Lovely Angels that hates children and looks down on them without consideration. A thing that almost everyone does in this episode besides Yuri who actually notices how much natural talent Arthur has with computers. She even introduced Namo, their robot, to him in a fun manner to help with Arthur’s hacking so Yuri is very good and self receptive. Then again, I suppose that Captain Clocker saw his capabilities too which he abused in his own way because Arthur wasn’t adult enough to see some schemes when they were in motion. Everyone else looked down upon him or ignored that he was in the room because Arthur and Shannon were having a petty argument over how their marriage wasn’t working because of how selfish each of them are. It works in terms of these characters finally becoming a family again. Yay and all the other passengers were saved as well.

Very interesting to see how technology both feels modern then old at the same time. Like, there was a thing called an E-disk which was a floppy that was widely in use in the 1980’s. Same with the computer room at the Ross’ house. At the same time, there are the really cool radio like earrings that both Kei and Yuri wear to communicate with each other that same pretty accurate to what we see. Same with Arthur logging onto the SWA’s server. Very modern approach to how data could be changed for a flight or otherwise because all information is online in some kind of data sheet or data base. If you know how to switch that information, it could be done. Even the hacking itself was modern crime tv show logic. Obviously, having four hands working on a keyboard instead of two is better for hacking, right? Can I have my flying car now please? Thank you.

So yes, very good episode and a wonderful conclusion to the longest saga of Dirty Pair. I like this show.

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