#DirtyPairCember Episode 23: Uncertainty…? Our Magnificent Revenge

We haven’t had an episode where characters have tried to pull one over on each other in a while. That’s kind of exciting honestly. Especially when Kei and Yuri take home the win once again.

This is episode 23 of Dirty Pair. After 3WA calls Kei and Yuri away from a drug bust, the three run away as soon as possible from the crime scene. Kei gets away on her wings, but Yuri gets shot down and is saved by the dashing conman, Daniel Sezar. After Kei and Yuri reunite, they join in on Daniel’s plan to scam 30 million credits from the crime boss, Mahogany to stop the production of the drug. How? Getting him to purchase a planet that actually has no value though through a scheme. Yuri dresses up as fake princess Meinard, Kei provides the other roles in the story from bartender to news caster to whatever, while Daniel Sezar is Meinard’s bodyguard and constantly hits on her. Join the conman game he says. Such a false rogue. Daniel never gave Kei the time of day which to his down fall. When the money exchanged happened, Daniel runs off with it and Mahogany chases after him, until Kei catches Daniel with construction equipment and Yuri fires her rifle perfectly to launch all the credits into the lava. Mission complete.

The biggest thing to mention in this episode? Daniel attempting to be the charming prince to Yuri who never gave him the time of day honestly. First of all, good for her despite Kei constantly doing all the background work to leave the two alone in whatever cases are possible. Especially since Yuri woke up in the guy’s apartment wearing only his shirt. Clearly there is something creepy going on here. Yuri even noped out of Daniel’s attempted Kabadon which is a good thing considering Daniel only saw Yuri for her physically beauty and skill, not her personality. The false princess being able to trick the false Casanova with help of the girl in the shadows was great. It was the fact that Yuri never fell for him in the first place and used that attraction to get the win. It doesn’t take a femme fatale to outwit a horny moron. Only a smart and independent women that can think on her own.

Other then that, this episode was good, just nothing fantastic. Lots of exciting environments, Kei being in a lot of different costumes and speaking in different voice tones accents, good science fiction action we’ve seen before, and things like that. I have been watching the Great Pretender recently and it’s nice to see all this once again. The content was good. Daniel being an idiot makes sense because he was just a horny moron who wants money and works by himself. I don’t really get why a crime boss priest like Mahoganey was a completely thoughtless moron who was obsessed with gold. How does someone like that run a crime organization? Especially since he will just give up his enterprises money to purchase a planet he doesn’t need? Don’t people using have a council to make these decisions? That is the factor that cut off some points for this episode.

Still a good episode. Just missing some logical things to make it great.

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