#DirtyPairCember Episode 24: Are You Serious? The Apartment Is A Dangerous Address

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone. This episode was the last episode that originally aired, so this is like the show’s finale in a way. Don’t worry, we still have two episodes to go before completely done.

This episode is the most low key finale possible. It’s considerably bold and I like that fact. The opening stinger is a young women dying through shadows and screens. A pretty great mood setter. This episode takes place at the girl’s apartment. They are on lock down for three days considering that young, beautiful women are being murdered all over the place and the only clue is salesmen written in blood after the death of one of them. The girls get four strange visitors at their door one at a time. The first is a middle aged salesmen who came to sell light sabers in knife form and has a detachable knife. The second is an attractive men selling bras that shock people when someone gropes their breasts and tries to steal from the girls in the bathroom. The third is a 12 year old boy selling acupuncture. Last is a man who says he is a police investigator with no proof? Who is the killer? Yeah, it’s the guy whose not a salesmen. That’s a trick I’ve noticed with fiction, it’s not the obvious guy ever. But this was Yuri’s episode. She discovered the plot of killing girls was based on floors and room numbers was like a chess game between two murdering twins with her vast intellect with just Mughi and Nanmo playing chess on the other side of the room with these strange people.

I really like it when finales are like this. Just doing the bear minimum thing in a low key manner. No destroying planets or buildings, just two girls with some strangers visiting their apartment. Considering that the first episode focused on their apartment complex, this is tying everything together in a bow. This is a show about two girls, Kei and Yuri, and the show really recognizes that fact by making a finale like this. I do have to mention that I think Yuri may be the best girl out of the two of them. Not because nipples exposed in this episode, but Yuri has been showing more and more of her intellect recently. Not just in the Aldernon episode, but in so many cases. Kei is a much stronger character who is a great action girl who can do it all which is great because she is a big jock, but Yuri has that balance of action girl and intellect which makes her a double threat. She may not take the hits like Kei, but she can shoot a sniper rifle with pint point accuracy.

This episode was also a fun twist on a closed room murder case. Such fun and ridiculous characters, I love each of them. I love the story of the middle aged man who cut his finger off when he was young, the 12 year old boy that hated both Kei and Yuri for reminding him of his mom, and the thief who was also a bit of a womanizer from how he sold bras. It I didn’t have that “it’s not the obvious person” rule, I would have thought it was the “investigator” because he’s the most boring person in the room. I loved each of their reactions when they learned they were selling things to the Dirty Pair. It was wonderful.

Very fun episode! I will see you all on Christmas and Boxing Day for the unaired episodes.

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