#DirtyPairCember Episode 25: Eek! The Boy in the Manor is a Terminator

Merry Christmas, Everyone. Welcome to Mechanical Anime Reviews for yet another episode of Dirty Pair today. One about families dealing with loss and money issues through Counterfeit Bills. That’s Christmas for Dirty Pair.

Episode 25 of Dirty Pair features the girls separated in the opening segment. Yuri is on an awful date that just wants a girl around when he’s reading at a bar. I completely understand why she got disgruntled and drove the car at top speed when the guy was trying to read. Glad they broke up. On the other hand, that leaves Kei alone to stop the counterfeit bills from filling the monetary market once again. Well, if she was alone. Teamed up with the awful Calico who was top in the 3WA Problem solver class, the two got caught when infiltrating the compound of Garou, the counterfeiter. Calico just doesn’t know how to do anything due to his lack of field experience. An old man who lives with his wife who missed his son who died recently and created a terminator model out of their son in the heavily armored mansion they live in. Yuri, of course, comes in last second to save the day here. It ends with the couple Garou couple not under arrest, but the counterfeit ring stopped.

Yeah, that was a surprisingly heart warming kind of episode on top of just being funny at the same time. This episode was able to balance and bounce between the two tones very easily. I think that’s because it was grounded with heart. The nice old couple who were counterfeiting just missed their son and it was the motivation for doing everything. Same with them taking Kei and Calico infiltrating their home base with lots of lasers and robots nonchalantly. I think that has to do with the characters bouncing off each other in interesting ways. Calico trying to be the manliest man possible with all his weapons to show off while Kei is doing what she usually does but failing because of her partner. It shows how good the team work between Kei and Yuri really is. To tie this together in tone, Yuri discovering that the son is a terminator robot is both very sad and hilarious at the same time. That was the center piece of this episode because it was in the title and it wasn’t disappointing. Very wonderful.

One major thing, can Kei and Yuri meet some actual good guys when dating? That’s not fair because the guy in episode 2 was pretty decent and the horny guy on the plane episode was pretty good fit for Kei as well, Garou is a nice old man, and the leader of 3WA is a good guy, but everyone else is pretty horrible or has one singular flaw that slowly grows over time to make them insane. I guess the girls are going to be single forever for now, but at least they have each episode.

Good episode for Christmas even if it’s not centered on Christmas. Also a good episode in general.

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