#DirtyPairCember Episode 26 (Finale): R-Really?! For Beautiful Women, “Canon” is the Keyword to Escape

If a science fiction series doesn’t somehow end with a giant laser canon or at least has had a giant laser canon in the show somewhere, is it really a science fiction series? Maybe, but it’s not as good. This episode of Dirty Pair fulfills that requirement.

Episode 26, the last episode of Dirty Pair, opens with two events. The first is a mutinee by 3WA Security led by a man named Marcus who kills a lot of people and holds the head of 3WA, Gooley, hostage while killing everyone else around him. He wants a huge sum of money or else he will destroy Eleanor City with a giant laser canon. On the Dirty Pair end, the episode opens with Kei eating Yuri’s cake then hiding herself from Yuri in a refrigerator to hide from her rage. Of course, Kei gets a cold and Yuri being angry at Kei is a fundamental feature of this episode. After a meeting with Calico, the two work together to defeat the mutineers single handedly (or double because of the Lovely Pair duo) by infiltrating the base while Marcus holds Gooley in an electrified capsule with his giant gun waiting for the right moment and money exchange to not fire his laser until Kei and Yuri soundly defeat him. An explosive finale where everyone somehow makes it out alive in the end.

I don’t have a lot of notes to say here because it’s a very simple sort of episode and I think that’s a point. If Kei and Yuri ever felt like they were in danger, their argument would have abated for their own good. But instead, here is Kei and Yuri arguing with each other while destroying Marcus’ forces without a second thought. It really is just another day for the two. Also, I like how Kei’s cold played into the episode as well. It was a bit of a stakes setter that ruined a lot of stealthy situations. Well at first. If anything Yuri used Kei as a decoy for a lot of crazy situations and it has worked in their favor. A great center of comedy for a lot of things especially since Kei and Yuri still worried about each other at the end because they didn’t know if the other would make it out alive. Such a wonderful thing for the show to end on. I don’t have much to say about Marcus besides him being sexist and greedy. Gooley on the other hand trusted his girls and he knew they would deliver.

Thank you all for following me on this insane Dirty Pair adventure. I hope you all will enjoy more Dirty Pair content coming in 2021! Still have an ova series and some movies to watch which is good! I didn’t want to be done with Dirty Pair yet. A review of this show will also appear sometime in January. Keep an eye out!

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