Writing as A Stress Reliever

Since no seasonal anime came out this week, including Attack on Titan, I was wondering what to write about today. Well, I think I got an idea from reading a lot of other blog posts and thoughts on twitter. 2020 was a hard year for a lot of reasons. Lack of resources and money, being locked into singular locations like at home because of the closing down of locations due to being next to people, and who knows what else. People are now more home than ever. So that means that more people are going to blog now or create more blog posts, right? I did meet some new bloggers, but staying at home doesn’t always mean more blog content is going to be produced.

The more I read other people’s posts, the more I realize that people deal with stress and anxiety in different ways. All completely legitimate, by the way. We are all human beings and no singular person is the same even if people can be similar sometimes. How a person handles energy is completely dependent on their own personalities. Shutting down from anxiety and stress is valid and it happens all the time. Especially in recent times when there is nothing but online media and communication to cope with it. Having the same way to escape all the time can be just as tiring for people too. This is the year were we learned the range and limitations of staying at home living.

That’s where my own over producing comes from when writing on this blog, anxiety. I can’t say that I’ve had the easiest life for a long time now. Lots of failure, lots of achievements which don’t amount to anything at this moment, or a lot of family members passing away from cancer or a lot of things. I’m not kidding, it’s been hard and soul crushing. I’ve had plenty of nights where I haven’t fell asleep because I’ve just been stuck in my own thoughts. There is a reason why I have to listen or watch something to fall asleep, because my own cycle of thoughts late at night can either be creative or pretty destructive. Just because I don’t talk about these things here doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

I’ve had to do a lot of self-discovery in thinking about where I am the happiest and it’s when I am busy doing something. Back when I was originally in university for the first time, I was always involved with something while also still having time to do homework and classroom at the same time. I just like being busy and can’t help but say that I don’t like relaxing and being still for one reason or another. That doesn’t mean that I don’t just nap or watch something, but I have that feeling that something I have to do during a day needs to be productive which relieves internal anxiety. I have to admit that is one driving force when writing posts for every week and major events ahead of time.

Anxiety and fun are the reasons why I like writing more posts in general. That’s why I have been able to get at least five posts a week out in recent times with the use of some short cuts. It’s a lot of fun to write posts about things that I enjoy writing and I like sharing my excitement and joy about watching something to other people no matter how well they do. Creating something lowers that mental anxiety that I have. I do admit that numbers do motivate me to write to and I do get burned out and end up writing shorter posts on the shorter things that I’ve enjoyed to pass the time. It happens. I admit that fact and I write out of habits to, but it is a weekly ritual that I do to reduce anxiety anyway.

That’s where I am right now and where I stand with a lot of my thoughts and processes. Wanting to be productive, having some fun, and relieving anxiety are why posts appear as often as they do despite being in a major where I write a lot of things for it. After while, I feel like I have scheduled my own busy nature to being to do all the things that I can do. It has to do with knowing myself and how my brain works. I know that I am a workaholic. It’s just who I am and what I just accept that fact. I have that nature of attacking rather than staying back and it has and hasn’t helped me. There is a lot of imposter syndrome too, but I would rather not talk about that at all. Maybe next time.

Hope this filled that seasonal slot. See you guys next week for even bigger sort of personal dives. Yay…


  1. That is a powerful post. I didn’t realize you had that much anxiety and I can relate to that. Blogging in general has been therapeutic for me. Watching some movies and anime when I’m not working has been so great even if I wasn’t a fan of what I watched. It just feels good sharing my opinions on my reviews or with my poetic works.

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    1. I’m very much in a place where I don’t know where I’m going right now without a very assured direction, so that comes with a lot of anxiety.

      Right? Blogging is a good way to take attention away from things in good ways and such.

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      1. I’m very sorry to hear that. I can relate with fearing the future and dealing with a lot of anxiety.

        Exactly! It has been such a great experience. I certainly can’t ignore the bad things going on, but it does give me a chance to vent or at the very least using my background in film.

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  2. Writing definitely helps me process a lot the things I’m feeling, especially if there is a humongous pile of conflicting thoughts and feelings going on. Sometimes I’ll start writing one thing and somewhere during the prattling, I’ll discover something life-changing or a sort of epiphany type gig that helps me to better deal with/resolve a lot of the stresses I’m undergoing. I think that’s why most of my personal posts tend to get so long and can feel like it’s ended in a different world than where it began. Other ways I use writing is poetry, but writing poetry puts me in a dark place mentally so I reserve it for only the most dire and helpless of situations.

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    1. Yeah, isn’t it amazing how having a way to vent can help focus your thoughts for a bit even if it’s very unrelated to what is troubling sometimes? I think you’ve developed a lot more helpful ways to reflect and consider then I have by quite a bit.


  3. I can totally understand where you’re coming from a productivity side. Granted I don’t use blog to fill that productivity void but recently what I did was find some software projects to work on to pass the time I would normally have spent say, commuting or hanging out with friends. It doesn’t fill the void completely of the regular stuff but considering the circumstances… I guess it will have to do 😓 Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the software stuff though.

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    1. Software projects sound really cool. Anything you working on in particular right now? And the monotany of the same things happening can be dangerous sometimes it seems when coping can be the same as just busy work.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this. I also struggle with anxiety and writing has been very therapeutic for me. Even if I am just writing about anime or games, it gets me outside of my head for a bit and lets me share things I’m interested in. Lately I’ve been kinda burned out on blogging tbh. I’ve had too much on my plate, and most of my posts are fairly in depth and take a long time to write anyways. But I still like seeing everyone else’s posts and feeling like a part of the community.

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  5. I took two weeks off from work over Christmas and New Year’s. I wrote every day. It. Was. Fantastic. My writing has taken a nose dive lately, and it felt so dang good to get back to it a bit more! A bit of my soul opens up and comes alive when I write. Without it, my life feels so depressing, which is something I deal with every day.

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  6. I started my blog due to covid only as I was just getting bored of watching all the awesome anime by myself only, as I had no one to talk with about them. Blogging makes me happy as I know I am not the only person who insanely loves anime, right?! I have a lot of fun talking about anime and reading other anime bloggers post, it’s fun!!!

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  7. My friends and I are all creative writing students and after a lot of conversations with each other we found out that none of us were writing at all (at the last quarter of 2020). We basically couldn’t write anymore due to anxiety and stress the pandemic has brought. It wasn’t just us. Bloggers that we know also stopped. Surprisingly, we all started writing these past few days. I believe that the new year brings forth an unconscious and collective effort to do better as we sense some new potential in the air. As our neighbors and friends all over the world raised their chins up and put a little more positivity and effort on things, so did we. We’ve accepted also that writing can at times be a cycle, sometimes you can write other times you just need to let go and stop, relax and reflect. Great post!

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    1. Thanks so much and that is completely valid. I know many other bloggers that stopped for the same reasons and everyone deals with everytime somehow. I’m glad that you started writing again though 😁

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  8. Beautiful post here Friend. Through the hustle and bustle of life and the desire to do everything, we end up wearing ourselves out. For stress, I recommend a few things. First, start by putting God first, and begin your day with a prayer to God and a heart for God. God is able to orchestrate several things and he can use divine assistance to make our day easier. Second, we need to treat our body like a temple. Energy giving foods are a great resource. Thirdly, we need to take little breaks every now and then to refresh.

    The most important of these is God. When things get tough, we can always reach out to him for help.

    The Bible says in Philippians 4:6
    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God”.

    God says in Jeremiah 29:11
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

    If anyone reading is interested in building a relationship with God, I have a post on that here: https://christcenteredruminations.wordpress.com/2018/08/29/how-to-build-a-relationship-with-god/

    There is much more to know about God. I post frequently on my blog about topics related to God. You are welcome to follow my blog to keep up with my content.

    -All the best. May God bless you. 

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