Older Series I Enjoyed in 2020

Similar to top shows from 2020, this post is going to be multiple lists once again. Not three this time, but two. Those being retro series that I enjoyed and series from the 2010’s that I’ve enjoyed in 2020. All of them are going to be five shows to keep it simple. All of this is because modern shows have a different feel considering their nature of they were produced and everything else. I may as well call this cell animation vs digital animation, but nah. Let’s not do that today. This is a post about positivity after all.

Some very quick rules:
-I reviewed it this year
-This list is still unranked despite its nature.
-That’s it.

Lets start this post once again!

5 Retro Anime I Enjoyed

Saint Seiya

This was my grand venture in 2020, completing an older shonen series with over one hundred episodes and I felt well accomplished for doing it. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did, but I did. It’s really good and well produced for the late 1980’s with so much heart and soul and great characters. I did it in little splurts partially out of not trying to tire myself out from watching it all in one chunk and partially because Netflix released it gradually in the United States. If you are interested in a show like this, highly recommended. I’ve written a lot about Saint Seiya at it is and I will do it in the future when watching Saint Seiya movies.

Read my posts here: Link

Black Jack

Watching Black Jack was such a refreshing experience to me. It’s really cool and really helped me fill out a gap of my anime experience that I thought was missing. I don’t know how, but Black Jack and his many long cases didn’t feel a lot like the rest of anime I was watching in terms of how it was directed, it’s quality (kind of), and things like that. Please read my review to know more.

Read my post here: Link

Captain Harlock: Endless Orbit SSX

I am a sucker for space operas and endless orbit ssx is yet another good one with really cool characters against the universe.

Read my post here: Link

Dirty Pair (TV Series)

My experience watching each episode in the beginning of December was lovely. I enjoyed seeing these two hot girls in episodic adventures every week to save the day, blow something up, and both most of the time.

Read my post here: Link

Patlabor: The TV Series

I revisited my love of Patlabor all this year and I have grown a larger appreciation for this goofy crew of police people with robots every week. It’s a very well-produced show that still looks great, at least in hd and such. Fun times.

Read my post here: Link

Woo, this was so hard and I mainly chose franchises that I enjoyed because it was easy. There is a lot of shorter OVAS that I enjoyed and things like Sakura Wars or Ronin Warrior that I also enjoyed, but they just didn’t affect me as much this time around. I did like it, but it felt more in trend then anything else. That’s all I need to say about this.

Lets jump into shows from the 2010’s now!

5 Anime I Enjoyed from the 2010’s

Yuki Yuna

Such strong emotions with this series. Very good girls stuck in yet another difficult situation beyond their control, magical girls with cool abilities and punching, and things. What isn’t there to like?

Read my post here: Link


A series that has a lot going on in so many ways, but is very heart warming and filling. The only way I can say to describe is look at my attempt at trying to do so in this post: Link

Princess Principal

A very well produced anime with girls as spies in not England and it’s really cool and fun. Very solid core of writing, very emotional, and very good world building too. Can’t say enough good things about it.

Read my post here for more: Link


This crazy mess of basketball and mecha is wonderful and I enjoyed every second that I watched of its fun and madness.

Read my review here: Link

Concrete Revolutio

A very interesting take on heroism using a retro style background, setting, and characters in connection to real life political events in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I enjoyed it so much more then I expected.

Please read my review here: Link

Yeah, this was hard too but thinking back on it, I loved all of these shows so much. Even if there are others out there that I enjoyed too, I think of the shows that I loved to watch and these are them. They are different kinds of passion projects that are ultimately great. If I missed on one of your favorites, please let me know. That is a great way for me to think about 2020 going forward. In terms of anime instead of everything else. If there was a number 6, it would be Symphogear and it’s seasons. Other then that, not completely sure.


  1. Reading your review of the original Saint Seiya makes me want to watch it again! 😄 Speaking of longer shows, someday, I want to make a point of re-watching Urusei Yatsura every year! That show gives me the warm fuzzies!

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