Mechanical Anime Reviews Podcast: Episode 1 – Mecha Introductions

Hello everyone. This may be a surprise for a lot of people, but I think it’s time to attempt another podcast. I don’t think my last one worked because it was a little too unfocused and too “in the moment” for when I created it. This is a rebooted attempt at all of this to see if I can get this going for real. I don’t know if I am the most interesting person in the world when it comes to making these, but I want to try this again anyway. Here is where you can find it!

For the time being, until I am really sure that I am going to continue with podcasting, I will just be posting these to YouTube. If I stay around for a while longer, then I will start uploading in other places for viewer conveniences. I thought YouTube would be a good place to start because everyone has it and I am on YouTube almost constantly anyway. What is one more way to use my account? Nothing Also, the plan is to launch one episode a month because that feels like a reasonable pace in creating these while being busy.

What is the goal? Just talking about whatever I want in regards to mecha anime. Could be a show, could be a concept, it doesn’t matter. The idea is just to get more information out in the open in a much more accessible way. I do think that blog writing is accessible, but sometimes spoken word is a lot easier to handle then written word? In this modern era of youtube and video, I think that’s the case.

Some Notes:
-The music was created by me. I am just reusing a lot of the music that I used for the previous podcast because that one didn’t get off the ground.
-I still don’t like my voice, but this was listenable.
-This podcast starts with me talking about how I got into mecha anime and then dives into real robot and super robot anime comparisons for a bit.
-I also talk a little about Macross 7 and Xabungle.

Thanks for humoring me, everyone. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this mediocre first episode. I still have a lot to learn. Just learning how to audio edit has been a challenge I know better ways to record or edit in the future now then I did before. That’s the fun of this I suppose.


  1. Talking about people always refer Full Metal Panic as Gundam back in the day, I have the same experience with me when people in my neighborhood always refers Tokyo Mew Mew (that show about anime girls turn into anime magic cat girls or whatever that people mostly didn’t know about) as Sailor Moon. 😅

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