5th Blogiversary Week: Two Youtubers that Influence Me

This post is to reminded us all that blogging shouldn’t just be influenced by other bloggers. There is a world of creative things to have your own content be influenced by. Podcasters, youtubers, presentations, news sources, anime themselves, and who knows what else. It’s all healthy by the way. Especially when you aren’t straight up taking an idea by adding your own kind of presence or thought process into it to make it your own. That’s how a lot of creative works happen or how human society has progressed forward. Taking an influence someone else and improving it in your own way is just what happens.

With that, this is kind of what this post is about. Two of who knows how many youtubers that have influenced my work on Mecha Anime Reviews in terms of content and how I think when it comes to writing blog posts, and everything like that. Why two? Because I’m too lazy and, once again who knows how many others affect me. Maybe if they post more often or something like that. The world is so wild like that.


Linkara is one of the hardest working youtubers out there and consistently puts out youtube videos once a week about comic books. That’s crazy considering how long each video is. Some are 30 minutes in length, cover a lot of concepts while also editing in comic strips over his live action footage too. Even if that might not be the most complicated thing, putting one of those out once a week must be very hard. Especially when doing more thematically focused months. I try to put a similar level of content when working on my own blog posts.

Which brings me to another reason why Linkara influences me, themed months. His super villain origin months or his focus on certain directors are where I got the idea to do Mecha March and creator themed months like Oshii and Anno. I thought the ideas sounded cool and I wanted to try them with my own sort of spin. I didn’t think that I would be as successful ever, but that didn’t stop me and so far, everything seems to be working ok so far. I am still working on ways to make things bigger, but that wouldn’t happen if I didn’t enjoy it myself.

Lindsey Ellis

Maybe a controversial pick for some, but I really like her content. Lindsey puts a lot of thought into each her videos that appear whenever and I like the way she thinks and writes her videos. They are very human and full of personality. I strive to have that sort of personality in text form somehow, but that’s impossible. Especially since written word vs spoken word are so different from each other, but I still want to try to have that sort of personality while also writing an informational blog post at the same time. Maybe I will find it one day, who knows?

I also like the way Lindsey Ellis builds the ideas in her videos too. Each video is long because of this, but she builds a foundation to provide content in what she is going to talk about before getting her main points. I like that because it helps to get people who haven’t watched what she’s talking about to at least understand enough to get the rest of the video. That’s why I bring up a lot of context in posts regarding directors or background information in a lot of series that I write about a little bit to bring everyone up to speed. I do think those posts are too long sometimes, but I can’t help it.

Lastly, I like how Lindsey Ellis sees the world. Not in a world of black and white, but of a grey. Like her talks of the nuances beyond “thing good or thing bad”. That there is a middle ground where something can have strengths and weaknesses or even how good things can come from bad things sometimes. A lot of her videos are very critical about a piece of work and such for that balance of good or bad. Or when she criticizes something with her own reasoning on why she doesn’t like it at all. It’s very well thought out criticism other than “ding”.

So yeah, that’s it for youtube people who influence me. These are two of many people who I follow all the time and always find the time to watch their videos. What a wild world? I don’t know.


  1. I’m not really influenced by YouTubers (to the point I haven’t even heard of this Lindsey Ellis) – aside from bloggers and anime themselves, I take more influence from academic, fictional and critical writing, rather than formats that feature audio – but was that bit about dings a jab at CinemaSins…?

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