Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2021 Anime Season Week 2

My last free week before school starts again. Uh oh. Hmmm, I do feel a little more comfortable about things this week though. Just a little, because it’s strange to just support a president you don’t like still that might do better than the leaving president of horribleness and terrible values. Especially since that one coming in wants unity against people that attacked the capital? Yeah, so there is a normal dislike here instead of absolute hatred of what is going on.

But in terms of anime again, a very good week. Shows continue to be good and two more premieres made their way on my end here. I think this is just going to be a solid season over all.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 1

Found on Funimation

This was an interesting piece of anime. One of the most unique things I’ve seen for a while. Reminded me with Satoshi Kon’s work in some ways. It features a girl named Ai Toho who doesn’t have friends due to heterochromia and one day, picks up an egg. An egg she cracks in one of her worst nightmares at school, because dreams and day life continue, and she breaks an egg to create a friend. A friend that ends up dead and Ai comes back to save.

Not to mention the mysterious friend that appeared in her regular life until her dreams merge and she finds her power to save the girl. Then the dream ends and she is injured. I think that’s how we will find out if Ai is dreaming or not in the future. But Ai has found a purpose, saving the girl who showed up in her egg. This is going to be to watch, but I feel some deep sadness in the future too. Oh well, I’m up for that I suppose.

Log Horizon Season 3: Episode 1

Found on Funimation

Yup, this is the return of Log Horizon and it knows it. This episode follows the end of season 2 directly with almost no lead in, which is why I am glad I watched season two before I started this one. Lots of crazy things in motion, because the Round Table is about to be destroyed. Lots of political things for Akiba as well with budgets and monetary matters. One of the leader on the table, Eins, has been named duke which puts the power of it into question.

At the same time, our princess is being forced to marry soon and she may go against that herself while Krusty is good. Lots of complicated things going on, as expected of Log Horizon. Not the most action heavy start, but Log Horizon was never all about action but discussion and politics.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 2

Found on Funimation

Well, that was certainly a busy episode wasn’t it? World explanation, some more solid development for Emma regarding dealing with the world itself by killing, some travel, and the deal behind the demons Sonju and Mujika. That tense moment between Ray, Emma, and the two demons from last episode was such a big whomp whomp that didn’t go off that well? I have a feeling that was much better when you could just read the next chapter when Mujika led the two down the wrong path accidentally. I think that bad note is what soured my mood of the rest of the episode a bit. Just a bit, because I did like it.

I do like how the explanation of the world itself is so simple and happened over 1000 years ago, because that makes it believable. Especially with humans not being completely extinct. Also, not completely sure how I feel about survival training being montaged, but the ending note with Emma learning how to kill food and know it’s a safe food to eat was great. I liked that moment quite a bit. I am unsure about the random training because who knows will come from that, but this was pretty important. Good episode.

Yuru Camp Season 2 Episode 2

Found on Crunchyroll

This episode came in two parts today. The first was the infinitely relatable moments with Rin on her solo camping trip. The dog shrine, the tea and cake at the lounge, the inevitable pizza that Rin bought at a food truck, and now being stuck at her site for two days. Rin has gotten goofier recently and I like that fact. Being in contact with Nadeshiko has gotten to her.

The other part was initial D? Ok, most of the girls besides the sleepy girl and Nadeshiko went around on a car with their club’s mentor to look at the sunrise just like Rin was doing at her camp spot with a Tori gate. So there is something special here too. Then the initial D aspect with the more Eurobeat like music happened and it was crazy, but too bad they were late. Oh well. Very soft and fun episode.

Cells at Work! Code Black Episode 2

Found on Funimation

Soft times. EXCEPT NOT. Red Blood Cell still lives the hard life of seeing the effects of a smoker and drinker. The appearance of seeing him at the front of the mouth where smoke and bacteria came in was horrifying once again. Same with the cells getting hit by alcohol and being transplanted to the liver to a strip cub location for detox with some macrophages. That moment allowing Red Cell to finally understand how hard it is for everyone until the old man red cell that was being a mentored died too. Eventually, the new recruits really are going to be the one being mentors already aren’t they? Uh oh. Good episode, but very scary.

Cells at Work! Season 2 Episode 2

Found on Funimation

This episode was so soft and comfy compared to Code Black. Split into two good parts as well. The appearance of mumps and the cells working against a zombie apocalypse thing until Memory Cell actually remembered this situation happening and the unleashing of the vaccine. The second portion featured white cell on a date with two red blood cells around the small intestine and inevitably the white blood cells and T cells working together to fight against another invasion while the red blood cells were waiting for tea. I like it a lot. Very fun and education at the same time like this show. Hehe.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 14

Found on Crunchyroll

Well, that was a busy episode to start things off. Kyoto’s plans to kill Yuji, the cursed monsters planning their own thing towards getting Sukuna out of Yuji, and then Yuji meeting up with his first year fighters with the Tokyo second years. The tournament is beginning and there is a big set of stakes here. Now, with Yuji back and the Tokyo guys ready to fight with Yuji at the front, it’s time for some fights now.

Back Arrow Episode 2

Found on Funimation

Back Arrow leaves the town of Edger for a while and runs for five hours in his mecha suit, but after meeting an envoy from Rekka named Shu and his bodyguard Ren who has a large drumstick she is eating, Back Arrow returns to Edger where the back guys from Lutoh decide to attack to annihilate the town for being strange.

Again. Seems to be a repeat of last episode in some ways with Atlee transforming and losing just for Back Arrow to save her, but the reveal of Elsha’s new form and the mysterious thing in the ground whatever it is. Things are going to change here and that is fun. Looks like this mysterious Edger village has a lot of secrets inside of it.

Horimiya Episode 2

Found on Funimation

Wow, this show is just diving through a lot of its bits pretty quickly isn’t it? Well, it is very fun and completely comprehensionable, but in a way you can tell that these are manga chapters or something. The first one was Kyoko trying to figure out Izumi’s name without asking him going through all sorts of means and its just a cute arc in general. Kyoko dealing with the bully Sengoku in student council and finding out the guy is doing this on purpose to become a better person. I still liked Izumi Miyamura head butting the guy and scaring him though. And finally, the last segment for Kyoko’s birthday was just adorable. Very good show.

SK8: The Infinity Episode 2

Found on Funimation

The subtitles were ruined for me from the horrible timing, but I can easily tell what is going on through the art, character acting, and generally scene direction. A very good episode of Langa learning how to skate and Rekki making it easy for him. First there were some bad goof ups, but Rekki sees how Langa has 17 years of skate boarding on his built and made Langa a long board. A long board he can actually do tricks on. Plus, there was some chararcter stuff too. Langa appearing in Japan because of his dad’s death and Rekki with his cute three sister. Very fun. I like it so much!

I also like how every person that owns a shop is involved with secret underground skate board racing? There is even a rivalry between technological purple hair and free spirited green haired guy. Is skate boarding illegal in Okinawa? Is that why they have to do it underground instead of during the day? I have so many questions that I hoped are answered. But, with a new female (?) opponent for Langa and Rekki being ignored, it’s time for the next episode coming soon.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6

Found on Funimation and Crunchyroll

Following an introduction to Lord Tybur and the sacrifice he was going to make to push the Marleyian society going forward and expecting an attack, where Eren does by destroying the hall and causing chaos. Not to mention Eren versus the war hammer titan and other things. This is followed by an all-out attack on Marleyian officials and military with Eldian civilians in the mix. The people we know from Paradiso attack in their newer uniforms and gear with some inherent craziness of the conflict at hand. Especially since full armies are in motion and lots of deaths are occurring. Crazy fun episode to watch in a good way. Can’t say that I am super hyped over it though.

Hmmm, I can see why people can get the negative feeling towards Attack on Titan and turn on Eren based on his craziness. I think we all did forget that he was a rash person before hand and the incidents in Paradiso encouraged him further to do such rash actions. A true monster.

And episode 65 didn’t directly say what Eren did was good. That was framed by the crazy newbie they picked up who killed civilians after Eren just went crazy and the rest of Eren’s squad dismissed and scolded him. Same with Mikasa saying the same to Eren as well.

Which is interesting in that Marley was planning to invade Paradiso anyway. So there is this inherent tragedy here that I found interesting because Eren only helped it to happen sooner in a zone holding Eldian civilians. It’s just a mess of a thing.

So in essence, I think my reading of the situation is not the only way to do it and if this kind of action crazy with insane people pushed people away, I can see why. I can see why manga fans left because it’s too close to saying something in a negative way.

I still like it though and i feel like I am in this for the long haul because I’ve been watching Attack on Titan for this long and I might as well see what it says at the end of the day good or bad.

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