Anime Films I Enjoyed in 2020

Yeah, there wasn’t a lot of anime films that were widely available this year due to the Coronavirus. That resulted in the closing of movie theaters and having to pay for movie to stream movies online in some manner. For some movies, that means paying an extra 20 dollars to watch them. For others, I already had the streaming service that they came out on. I’ve also watched a number of older anime films too but a lot of them are rewatches. With that fact in mind, I’m just going to put old and new into one list for my own accessibility reasons. I need to watch more anime from 2020, but I will only when they are available to do so.

The rule for this list is that I had to review the series before this post comes out. Yay loose rules to make this work. Let’s talk about some movies.

Weathering With You

Oh man, I watched this movie in theaters before the pandemic happened and it was great. Makoto Shinkai has created a wonderful experience in Tokyo with a lot of cool characters, some really cool weather effects, the Radwimps, and a messy thematic solution with a flooding Tokyo. Wild, but it’s a good film.

Read my review here for more: Link

Made in Abyss: Dawn of Deep Soul

Incredible sequel film to a franchise that needed one and it’s so nice to see these characters again. Its also harsh seeing all of them in one of the hardest environments possible. That and Bondrewd is one of the most horrifying villains we’ve seen in a while?

Read my review here for more: Link

Lupin the Third: The First

This film was was very good. A lot of fun, very well realized, and great characters.

Read my review here for more: Link

GoShogun: The Time Etranger

What? This film has been a view sponge ever since it came out. It’s a spin off sequel focused on best girl Remy after her and the rest of the cast that are still there are older and Remy got in a horrible accident. This is a film about the gang joining together again and Remy fighting for her life. It’s really simple, yet really good.

Read my review here for more: Link

Black Jack (The Movie)

Oh hey, Black Jack is here too! Yay! I really liked this movie. I bought for cheap on a whim from Rightstuf last year and I’m glad I did. It’s so cool and very relevant with the pandemic going on. Black Jack needs to solve a crisis that is happening in the world and moral complications of it. It’s basically a slightly longer episode of Black Jack and I really dig that fact.

Please read my review here: Link

Angel’s Egg

A very artistic and animated film from the mind of Mamoru Oshii. I was happy to watch this for the first time. I think this is something each viewer should experience for themselves.

Read my review here: Link

And this is the end of writing posts for 2020. Now we can finally go into 2021 fully refreshed. Yay, this new season looks good so far. Lots of shows that I find my list becoming absurdly large once again. In general, that is a good thing.


  1. I’ve seen most of those movies and I do want to check out the Black Jack movie. GoShogun: The Time Etranger was good despite some of the flaws. Angel’s Egg is a work of art. Funny enough…I have a review planned for something you mentioned on this list this Saturday. :3

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  2. Aw geez, I haven’t seen any of these. 🙈😔 But!! I’ve got some titles to add to my watchlist now, so there’s that. 😅

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  3. A mutual on Twitter recently recommended me Angel’s Egg to watch on Twitter, and I am definitely planning to check it out. Thanks again for bringing it up 😅

    I watched Weathering With You as well and IMO it felt like a discount Your Name personally, nothing too wild. Same romance shtick, same-ish location, same director. It was alright though I guess.

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    1. Muahahaha, good. Good. And you’re welcome.

      Yeah, I see and yet don’t see the comparison to Your Name when it comes to Weathering With You because they go for completely different things and solutions honestly.

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