Miitama Security: Spirit Busters – Ghosts are People Too!

You guys know that I listen to a lot of podcasts, right? I haven’t written a post about it like I thought I would, but this is still the truth. Sometimes podcasts can just be entertaining and provide a way to pass time while traffic continues tobe horrible. Other times, it’s possible to learn a lot from them or at least get something new to check out. Reading Miitama security was a result of listening to the Shonen Flop podcast. A podcast dedicated to looking at shonen series that didn’t make it from Shonen Jump and otherwise, then assessing why they failed and whether they were bad. My conclusion is the same as them in regards to them because Miitama Security is really good and a fun, wholesome time.

Miitama Security is a somewhat episodic manga, though it does have a main plot that ties it together even if its very loose. It features a cast of very hilarious characters. Rena Haze, the main character, is a seemingly normal high school girl who has had over on hundred ghosts following her for the longest time. Her spiritual sense and sense of unrivaled power in her are what brings them to her. Well, at least for now. With the introduction of Joh Miitama, a member of Secureity that is supposed to exorcize spirits living next door, the story begins and now in the way it’s expected to. Joh is a hilarious man who gets more powerful as he cries and is afraid of ghosts and Rena just is just baffled in confusion as this man wants to exorcize her spirits anyway. There is that dynamic that changes over time and it’s hilarious to watch.

That is the main story as a whole, but each week features a new ghost, a new gag to tie everything together, an introduction to another interesting character who is full of flaws, or something elese. Miitama Security is a very fun taken on a shonen battle series. Rena is heroine that not a damsel in distress, just a straight man in a group featuring three other crazy people who know something about spirits. Yet, she also has a hidden power that comes around whenever her family is threatened in some way. All of those funny moments are building the dynamic between Rena and Joh, Rena and a spirit of the week, or whoever passes by and is very Mob Psycho like in that the peaceful solution is idealized.

Miitama Security is also full of some really fun gags and comedic references. Some ghosts will be entirely strange and fish based, there could be a chapter focused on two people arguing with a focus on the third going “why am I here”, a master shows up and teaches nothing but basketball, a mom off between Joh and Rena’s mom, a day in the life of spirits as they follow Rena and watch movies with her or help her cook. It’s a very busy comic that doesn’t set out to have a plot, only have fun. There are also base ball jokes, pokemon jokes, other anime jokes, and so on. Not everything hits, but that’s ok. It’s still fun to read. Especially when some plots do kick in, because it allows the reader to care about everything in motion. The plot isn’t that deep, it just exists to provide a little more tension. Maybe that’s the problem with why it didn’t last so long.

I think the art could be considered average, but it never had to be any extraordinary anyway. There wasn’t a lot of action that required great panel flow, just very comedic gags that were fully expressed in how the panels presented them in easy ways. Miitama Security had very good character designs with a lot of personality for each character too. Even the ghosts in their human forms are incredibly unique even if they are simple. I think simple works for this manga though because it allows the characters to be more comedic and fun from panel to panel. In the end, I am a little frustrated that it did get canceled because reading it was such a fun ride. Very good manga to read in under 50 chapters.


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