Hot Takes: Some Anime Series I don’t like

I have gone through a lone list of things that I have enjoyed for a long time and I think you guys know about me and my tastes. Still, I haven’t talked about a lot of things that I’ve left behind or don’t want to talk about. At least not too much. There are a few series that never make it to my taste at all or put me off for one reason or another as well. The world of anime is too large to not have a select few that I don’t like. Even franchises I enjoy have entries that I can’t help but detest as well. Yeah, so prepare for my usual bad opinions in a more negative way this time.

Gulp Here we go.

Sword Art Online

This is a franchise that has never clicked for me and I think it was due to the over hype of it. You see, I was in the anime fandom when Sword Art Online hit and I wasn’t a seasonal anime fan then. I was there when rules were written and so many people were so excited about every episode that ever came out. So there was this mass of excitement and over hyping from it that ruined a lot of my expectations for it when I watched it a few years later.

And that is where my hate came from. Everything was wrong from my perspective. I was out of the hot girl harem loop a long time ago at this point, so I hated that aspect along with how Kirito treated people, and the story in general. It just didn’t work. People like the first part of SAO and I didn’t understand why. When I tried the second part, I hated it even more. So yeah, I never pursued anymore of the franchise afterwards because I had no reason to. For a while, I used to spew my hatred of it everywhere I could online until I realized how pointless that was.

The strange thing about this? I left a discord server after defending people’s ability to like Sword Art Online. I was talking to someone who just had their life goal to destroy it and that conversation came out of nowhere. Yeah, it went from Toonami to rabid hate and it’s just full of what. The conversation quickly moved beyond my depth, so I just left immediately.

Black Lagoon

This is purely based on the dub of the show because the show in general sounds really fun and something worthwhile. Maybe. I was recommended the dub when I wanted to try it out for the first time and I seriously hated it. The dialogue was completely awful and the acting was atrocious as well. I’m sorry, it just was. I know it’s supposed to replicate 1980’s movies because that is what the show is like, but they still did an awful job of it in my opinion. I could be wrong, but it’s not like the series is that exceptional in terms of writing or plot either. At this moment, I don’t feel a reason to immediately jump into it. Maybe one day. It’s one show I am going to keep on my backlog until the right day and time.

Isekai Anime

Yeah, I understand the appeal of modern isekai. The blank slate protagonist, the entry in another world for power fantasy reasons, and gaining power over a land and people beyond understanding when they couldn’t do that in their own lives. Yeah, I get that. It’s just not for me anymore. I have plenty of power fantasy series that I can turn to. Super robot shows, shonen battle series, and things like that. That’s where my escape is. Even with that are turns of series which I turn away from because of how picky I am. Yeah, I am a difficult person to please sometimes. It happens. If isekai anime are for you, then go for it. Don’t let me and my very bad opinions stop you.

Gundam Age/Gundam Wing/ Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny

Gundam Wing used to be a series that I loved through nostalgia but after taking away the english dub one day and watching it subbed, the nostalgia goggles were taken away and I saw nothing of value in it anymore. Sure, the mecha were ok, but the story was awful. Full of B Plot nonsense that just added insanity and nothing more and that doesn’t work out when the A plots were dumb and disjointed too. Now that I mention it, the A plots for Wing had the same problems that I have for the SEED stories and the Age story too even if those weren’t as disjointed Do you want to know what was trully left behind it all? Hypocrisy.

Age/Wing/SEED and SEED Destiny are full of it. All over the place. Do you know why? YOU DON’T PREACH PEACE BY BLOWING UP YOUR ENEMIES WITHOUT MERCY WITH LASER BEAMS. I mean it. That’s not how it works. Has no one ever watched Trigun? You can’t think that you are better just because you believe in ideals that you don’t preach then blow more enemies apart with all of the laser cannons that you can. Gundam Wing was the start of the madness and its pretty boy characters and it spread in the franchise for a while. You can say it still can. Everything these shows is invalidated which is why I hate them. Don’t even try to dissuade me from this because I don’t think you can. Not even if you tell me that this is what all of these shows are about. If you fight against your own themes, your show is about NOTHING.

Not to mention SEED Destiny is easy worse by injecting the horrible protagonists from SEED into the second half when they weren’t needed. No, go away Kira. NO ONE LIKES YOU. Well, AT LEAST I DON’T. Justice for Shin Asuka and I don’t mean the gundam. Shin was developing by going somewhere interesting with Athruns’ help. He was changing and that’s why SEED Destiny was good for a while. Then the “heroic” return of Kira Yamato happened it was the worst direction the show could have gone EVER. Writing this has made me so mad.

And as for AGE, I never finished it. To this day, it is the only mainline or TV Gundam series that I never finished and it was thanks to the mental scars and flash backs from SEED and SEED Destiny. So many parts of the last arc were like it and I couldn’t take it anymore. The writing was just wrong and awful in general, but it was the worst there than anywhere else. I mean, it’s not like Wing and the SEED bad duo had good writing either.

Anyway, I am done now. What I learned from writing this? No one has the same tastes as each other. Also, just because you have franchises and things you like doesn’t mean you have to like all of it. If anything, I am worried about people that unabashedly love all things without questioning why they do it. That seems a little scary to me.


  1. The only one I’ve seen on this list involving specific series would be Gundam Wing. When I was a kid, I liked that show, but as an adult I find it overrated. Don’t feel bad about venting about your frustration with popular series. I respect you for a post like this. Sometimes I wondered if I was the only one who didn’t like certain popular things. Of course it didn’t help with finding Weathering With You average.

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  2. I can understand the hate for SAO’s second part. It is one of the worst anime arcs ever, and I feel SAO would have been a lot better if they cut out that part and used that section to expand more on the Aincrad universe, which itself felt extremely rushed. I mean don’t get me wrong the first half totally outdoes the second but by a mile, but still, it’s flawed. As I always say though: don’t worry, SAO gets better 😉

    Can’t say the same for Gundam SEED though, now *that* just wasn’t for me, so I can sympathize with you on that.

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  3. Interesting. I completely agree about SAO and other isekai, but you views on Black Lagoon were unexpected. People generally praise its dub as one of the best. I think it’s like some dated zombie shooter game – you know it’s completely unrealistic, makes little sense and you can do much more with your time, but still sometimes you gather your friends and play it just for simple fun. The same goes for Black Lagoon – it tries to take cool elements and go as far as possible to make everything even more cool, regardless of it making sense. For me it’s hard to deny that shooting a helicopter with torpedos isn’t a cool idea, no matter its context or realism. Using the F word (a lot) also gives some “uniqueness” (*immature giggle*). Don’t think and enjoy the ride (if you can) – that’s my outlook on that show.

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    1. Yeah, the thing about any person or show using the f word all tht time as a filler word or anything, it doesn’t mean anything to me because of it’s over use. Once a word is treated like that, it’s just there like cool kid talk and that’s just so blah..

      Being unrealistic doesn’t bother me.

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  4. I never watched SAO, but I read the manga adaptation of Aincrad. It was alright for what it was, definitely very readable but nothing that got me excited to pick up the anime.

    I like Black Lagoon (dub and all), I generally avoid isekai with a few rare exceptions, and I’ve never really been able to get into Gundam. I watched some of Wing when my college roommates were all into it in the 90s, and I watched some of IBO when that came out, but I never ended up finishing either one.

    There aren’t too many popular series I actively dislike, with the one notable exception being High School DxD largely because I couldn’t stand the protagonist. Usually if I can’t get into something I just stop watching it and move on. Like Gintama for instance; I’ll never understand the popularity of that series because its style of comedy is 180 degrees opposite of my own sense of humor, but I’ve never felt any urge to curse its very existence either. DxD is one of the very few that crossed the line for me from “meh, whatever” into outright irrational hatred.

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  5. I’m sad that you don’t like Black Lagoon, but that’s OK. It’s really a Hong Kong crime movie, or at least that’s what I’ve heard it described as. I will admit that it is a show that is almost geared straight at me. I mean over the top action, weird crime elements, a fish out of water main character.

    Now that I think about it, Black Lagoon is kind of an isekai show.

    But you are certainly allowed to dislike whatever you dislike.

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  6. Okay, Seed was the reason I finally gave GUNDAM anything a chance. I kind of like the hopelessness of it all and found Kira and Athrun to be an interesting pair to view the conflict through. Of course I also like season 1 SAO so to each their own.
    Black Lagoon has been one of those anime perpetually on my watch list so I don’t have any particular opinion on it.

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    1. Here’s the thing, they were an interesting pair until the part im infuriated about happened…

      And sword art online was just too hodged podged for me. There were a lot of ideas that never clicked.

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  7. I enjoyed Gundam Wing a great deal. I remember watching it with my son back in the 90s and being confused about the political plot. Have not seen any other of the Gundam series.

    I loved Black Lagoon but it is one of those shows I would not recommend dubbed unless you had an all-star cast of voice actors and really good translators. And it is dark and not optimistic at all, so not everyone’s cup of tea.

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    1. I’m sorry, but this comment kind of offends me. Dark? Is that all you have to say? That’s a lame duck excuse that middle schoolers use to say something is adult, not an excuse to not watch something.


      1. Sorry? Gomen’nasai? No offense intended? I am probably in the wrong. I usually am.

        Dark – as in the “Noir” genre of film making. Pessimistic, and sometimes nihilistic. “Having a bleak and darkly cynical quality” – Merriam-Webster.

        I never meant to imply you didn’t like dark anime if that’s how you took it. I can be tone-deaf about such things.


  8. I definitely can’t stand SAO part 2 but I did love the original. I do agree though that we’ve all got different tastes which is important. If anything it’s a bit suspicious if someone seems to just hold the same values as someone else with everything and discussions are more fun when you can have some discourse as long as it stays polite and professional.

    For me some big series that I didn’t care for would be anime like Space Dandy, Attack on Titan, FLCL, and Fate/Zero. For the most part I would say I like much more anime that I’ve seen than ones I have not but it helps that usually I can tell if I’m going to like a show before I start it and then give it a shot. It’s not 100% but for example I wouldn’t even bother watching a show like To Love Ru because I already know I’m not going to like it so why watch the show just to bash it? Just give me a classic Shounen Jump show with sports or tournaments and then I’m set!

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  9. I totally understand and respect your feelings for SAO and Black Lagoon. I must confess I’m surprised to see you didn’t care for Gundam Wing. It’s actually kind of a nice change of pace as I know most people who’ve seen it praise it like hell. the hype for that has kept me intrigued but also cautious about picking it up lol. Cool write-up!

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  10. Not a big isekai fan either. I think I would be if there weren’t so bloody many of them coming out. And many of them seem to be isekai just to be classified as isekai and never do much with the spirited away/reincarnated aspects anyway.

    SAO I’ve never watched, partly because like you said of all the hype. That I think so many people worshiped it like it was the first of its type and it definitely wasn’t.

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  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of Gundam Wing — I actually agree (to a certain degree) with all of these, though I haven’t finished Gundam AGE, I think I may have dropped it after the first couple of episodes. All of your hot takes are valid.

    Black Lagoon takes too much of a rule of cool approach to edginess and violence, and I wasn’t into it, and as you said, the dialogue was pretty terrible. I used to try to keeping up with the isekai fad, but it’s become too monotonous, every show feels the same. Sword Art Online is something that I still keep up with, because I genuinely was invested in Sinon’s arc, but I haven’t ever rated a single SAO series over a 4/10, not even Alicization.

    As for Gundam SEED, I’m re-watching it. I watched in originally in middle school, I think I was around twelve when it was airing on Cartoon Network, I used to catch it every Friday night. And then I watched the uncensored “specials” in high school. My impression from what I’ve re-watched, so far, is the story is pretty good, it has some great commentary on eugenics and societal prejudice, but the characters are the worst part of the experience.

    I just got to the point where Kira is an awful friend to Sai, and has a fling with Fllay, who treats him like an animal. I think I said out loud, what as douche, when he threatened to beat him up! I like the lady captains, Murrue and Natarle, and Dearka is still pretty cool. He’s, like, if Archer from Fate/stay night existed in a Gundam universe. Some of the logic is flawed, too, there’s an episode where the captain refuses to take Lacus hostage, even though ZAFT has killed hundred of their people in civilian ships! And then Kira treats them like monsters for imprisoning his waifu.

    Watching Gundam SEED as an adult is much different now, then it used to be. I’m kind of convinced that Tomino made SEED as a teenager’s introduction to the U.C. canon. Some of the plot points seem to only exist, on order to create forced drama. Sorry for the long post, I had meaning to discuss it, since it was still fresh on my mind. 😅

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