Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2021 Anime Season Week 4

I honestly don’t have much to say here right now. Still just enjoying myself and such. Hope everyone is ok.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 3

Found on Funimation

This episode is a part of a two parter and introduces Rika Kawai, a former idol that hides her suffering through bossing people around. She stocks Ai which Ai’s mom just accepts, stays at Ai’s home, and eventually forces Ai into her dream. Why is Rika doing this? Because of a fan that killed herself from her selfishness of not wanting her resources anymore after that fan stole them. Wow, that’s destructive as hell. After that realization and Ai knowing more about her, Rika was killed leaving Ai behind to save the two toxic idol fans. Wow, that hurt. I can’t wait to see how this is resolved because it’s going to be sad.

Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 3

Found on Funimation

Decisions and Democracy. That is what is happening now in Log Horizon and it is so good. It is so like Log Horizon to just have the decision for each citizen to vote for the government in Akiba. So many major movements happen through talks this week. Raynesia decides not to marry the prince and side with Akiba and The DDD guild is splitting into smaller guilds to help Akiba and the people of the land. So many cool things in a small amount of time. This season continues to be good.

Yuru Camp Season 2 Episode 4

Found on Crunchyroll

Such a soft episode once again. Also, a major break from the camping that we’ve seen beforehand. This was a Nadeshiko episode and an episode where everyone spends money of some kind. Plus, dog tent! :D. But yeah, Nadeshiko spent the episode trying to find a job and then her sister Sakura, while being an older sister, found her one. Some fun things like using Nadeshiko as a tent topper were pretty fun too and the comedy is generally good. I like this show a lot.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 4

Found on Funimation

This show has felt like it has skipped over a lot of story elements and steps through montages and such, so I can’t help but feel that something is off here. Like, there is montages of the kids working together and practicing to shoot arrows, but there is a quick instant where human soldiers immediately take over the campaign afterwrds forcing them into the woods. Same with Isabella being sent after the kids as well for payment? It’s fine stuff, but I feel like we skipped a few steps here.

Cells at Work Code Black Episode 6

Found on Funimation

In this episode, Kidney stones, bacteria from removing the kidney stones, rude red blood cells, and the dwindling cell population of cells in general. I hate watching a body kill itself through over eating and drinking and its really making me question my own habits right now. I guess that just happens.

Cells at Work Season 2 Episode 4

Found on Funimation

Oh, the soft and comfy times are back after that nonsense. I like the focus of the normal cell finding helpful bacterium in this episode and seeing the normal cell accusing white cell and immune cells for murder and bad habits. Also, this is normal cell’s journey around the body with really cute baby bacterium as well. I think a lot of fun things are going to explore this going forward compared to Code Black where this is not possible.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 16

Found on Crunchyroll

A lot of cool things in this episode 😊. The bromance between Toudou and Itadori is great and Itadori is getting some cool abilities off and talents off it too. One the other hand, Mechamura (a cyborg with super robot attacks) vs Panda (A living corpse in a panda where he transforms into a monster panda) was exceptional. The poor Mechamura. One day, I hope he is able to hang out with his Kyoto friends. The best part was Nobara’s bad attitude though. I think we need more Nobara content.

Back Arrow Episode 4

Found on Funimation

A lot of things happened in this episode. None of them surprising in anyway though besides the Four Fiends (briheight pilots for hire), because I think we all knew that Shu Bi would leave Rekka to join Edger village and its battlecruiser. There was a fight, Back Arrow had the ability to turn into 4 to save the girls against the Four Fiends, and Shu blew up Rekka’s armies materials to defect. Poor Ren for being stuck with such an ass hole. I can only think that chaos must happen now considering that the ship can’t fly for an hour or so. Hmmmm…

Horimiya Episode 4

Found on Funimation

This show is so good. It can be so fun when it wants to be and it can be dramatic when it wants to be. Somehow it can just balance those two. The first part was fun and featured the four in the student council room with a focus on Tooru, which is well deserve. He’s a good guy and I love the chaos that the four of them bring in whatever scenario. Also, doesn’t Hori belong in there?

The other portions featured Miyamura and Hori respectively. Miyamura and his middle school friend Shindo who has an awkward appearance in the show at first by asking about Miyamura’s girlfriend (which Hori and Miya might as well be in a relationship), but the backstory of the two where Shindo accepts Miyamura’s rage after the bullying was very touching. They have an understanding, but Miyamura should still seek some counseling.

The last part was the best though. Hori was sick and she let her guard down finally when Miyamura was with her. That “don’t go” moment was quick, but Hori has a very strong personally that won’t let her ask for help from other people. She doesn’t even know when to be embarrassed, which is interesting too. Awww, poor Hori. I just like this show 

SK8: The Infinity Episode 4

Found on Funimation

This episode was Rekki vs Adam (Dio from JoJo) and no one will take that away from me. Rekki challenged Adam last episode after Langa’s race and it’s frightening what that guy can do. I think Rekki is going to continually be the hype builder in this show by losing races despite some bits of training and Lange is the finisher and winner. After that show of skill, I think even Lange is going to have some trouble. Adam is very fabulous and very aggressive. Also, the private lives of these characters vs their professional lives is just fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole town just played along with this underground skate boarding thing. Very fun episode for sure.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale Episode 8

Found on Funimation and Crunchyroll

I’m not sure if I liked this episode as much as a lot of other people did. It was fine, but it felt too greedy and over reaching for me. Like, this was the episode where the innocent one behind the Eldians was killed off for the sake of side kick guy, who I forget his name, saying words like the “New Eldian Empire”. A little too much Ghiren Zabi level of nonsense going on here for someone who doesn’t have a name. Come on man, why would he have gotten so far if you hate him so much?

It was nonstop things happening for sure like Gabi and Falco making their way into the Paradis airship and the shooting of Sasha who has been their forever. The biggest shocker though? Zeke being alive and this all being a part of the plot too along with the coming war between them in the world? Yeah, sure. I don’t think that sort of thing where Armin and Sasha crying over Sasha’s corpse whose last words were “meat” really is as smart or thoughtful as the show thinks it is. Like I said, fine, but way too greedy.


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