Robot Girls Z: Comedic Chaos

Welcome to the world of the weebs where anything can be turned into an anime girl and I mean everything. Thanks to things like Cells at Work, blood cells of all kinds have been turned into an anime girl. We could also talk about how Earth Chan is a thing and not just the robot from Concrete Revolutio. The joke that the Earth used to be perceived as flat takes a different meaning kind of meaning if you catch my drift. I even remember that there was a black hole turned into an anime girl too and I don’t think I have to mention Hololive English either. But what if super robots where anime girls? That’s where this show steps in. Let’s talk about the first season of Robot Girls Z.

Robot Girls Z is a series that takes a lot of older super robot series and turns each of them into an anime girl. The main focus characters are from Mazinger Z and attached franchises. For instance, the Mazinger Z or Z-Chan is a hot blooded and impulsive anime girl with all the abilities that her mecha counterpart has. Breast fire, robot punch, and all that. She is determined to take the lead in everything and causes an endless amount of destruction. The Great Mazinger is a younger anime girl, but also very cynical and has a crush on Z-Chan. Grendizer is yet another anime girl and is endlessly professional until her sadistic side shows up. Together, they are pan handlers on the street selling photonic energy to people.

The series itself has its episodes cut into three different skits. The Robot Girls are usually doing some kind of activity, then caught into the chaotic antics of Baron Ashura and their monster robot girls. Barson Ashura also works under Dr. Hell so they can afford an apartment in Tokyo. Welp… But anyway, every episode’s antics involve tons of damage across the city or whatever location and it can be pretty funny. Especially how grounded the series takes lots of robots and then explosions come out of nowhere. Or episodes can involve our robot girls racing other series from Getter Robo (who is a diva) and Gaiking. Or they could all work together to defeat one enemy. It depends on the episode really. Such fun antics.

However, there is a major content warning too. There is a guy named Go Nagai who was behind a lot of the series backgrounds and his humor is also rampant in the show. There are some very heavy and sexual things that can go on. Lots of stripping in some perverted ways thanks to some psychos (usually from villains) or even the case where are heroes are hypnotized and then go into sexual intercourse with one another. It’s not every episode or even most of them, but the content is there and can make you go “what?” Especially given in the context of this show where the girls are clearly made uncomfortable. It never goes too far and when it does not too much is shown, but that inherent content is still there a little louder than it should be. That appeal of the Moe character designs and ruined text is rather mean.

The best part of this show is that it obviously looks really good. I mean that. The robot girls are different varieties of moe girls, but they are easy to differ from each other. Same with their abilities. They all feel so powerful and destructive when they fly through cities and fire laser beams at monster girls. Fans of Go Nagai and other super robot shows could find enjoyment in this show if they are into the jokes and humor. So I will give it an ok as a result of this. Would have been good if the inherent content wasn’t there. Oh well. I will look at season 2 at another time.


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