Mechanical Anime Reviews Podcast Episode 2: Mecha and People

Hello everyone, I am back with another episode of my so called monthly podcast. Somehow, I recorded this one last night and had another free time to edit it a small bit before posting it here. This one is about twenty minutes long, so I hope it’s not too horrifying or too long for people to listen to. I’m also still learning how to do this podcast thing.

I had a better plan this time around and I learned a few new things about editing this time around then I did last time. For example, this was actually recorded in stereo instead of Mono. The advancements of technology of wonderful, aren’t they?

So topics, this podcast focuses the first ten minutes or so on Mecha and People because I got tired people things like “unlike most mecha anime, Eva is about the people” because all mecha are about the people. I feel like this had to be recorded so its easier to spread around a bit more. After that, I talk about Macross 7, Xabungle, and Zeta Gundam a little too long. Here is where you can hear it:

Thanks for listening, everyone! Hope you had fun. I am also looking forward to feedback because I am still new to this. Anyway, thanks again!

If I keep going for a few months, I will look for other places to post this podcast then YouTube!

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