#MechaMarch 2021: How to Get Involved

This is a follow up to the announcement post from last week. If you haven’t read it, here is a link: Click Here. Just know that Mecha March is coming back for 2021 in a few weeks and I am hoping the experience is fun. Like it says above, this post states how you can get involved. Prepare for some homework. You know, if you want it. I’m not grading, only providing.

Share Your Mecha Posts

I did this last year, but do you have a post about a mecha post that you would like to share with other people? Or what about with me? Please either link one of your posts here. Comment down below, DM me on twitter, or even use my contact page on my blog.

I want to say this right now, when you posted your post for this portion doesn’t matter. The fact that you posted it does. Please link whatever you want by Friday, March 26th 2021 at 5 pm PST so I have some time to put the post together. Thank you.

The big questions I have for some of you is if you have sent me a long list of posts last year, would you mind if I choose posts I didn’t choose last year? If not, do you have some posts that you would like to me to post instead?

Answer 4 Mecha Based Questions

Yes, I am bringing this back from last year too because it worked out so well and I want it to do it again and see if I can get a similar or better result. Do you blame me? I hope not, but I can’t choose that path for you if you do. Nor can I stop you from doing it.

These questions will be be made into posts at the end of each week. Question one’s post will be on the Saturday of week one and so on. To do these, you have to respond to each post question by 5 pm PST of each perspective week. DM, comment down below, or use my message page. That’s still the deadline for these.

So here are the questions for 2021:

1) Based on my own thoughts from Deca-Dence, do you think a mostly non mecha show can have mecha energy to them?

Response due: March 5th 2021, 5 PM PST

2) Based on series like Akudama Drive, Deca-Dence, Listeners, and Appare-Ranman, do you think the energy and passion for mechanical design still exists right now?

Response due: March 12 2021, 5 PM PST

3) Has any recent mecha series (past three years or so) spoke to you more then you’ve realized?

Response due: March 19 2021, 5 PM PST

4) Based on IGPX and Basquach, do you think that adding mecha into a genre that doesn’t have it as often like sports or otherwise can add some new energy or is it just a waste of time?

Response due: March 26 2021, 5 PM PST

Now you guys have your homework assignments if you choose to do it. If not, then that’s ok. I will answer these questions by myself.

That is Mech March for 2021 for the most part. You guys know 90% of what I am posting. I will post one more reminder post before this all starts and then, besides two days of the week for seasonal anime and interviews, it will take over Mechanical Anime Reviews Content for the next month. Beware the truth!


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