Joining #TheJCO

Oh hey, everyone. I just here to announce a thing. I recently decided to join Jon Spencer’s Coalition. You can find more information about that here: Link. If you look at that link, you will see that I am joining quite a few people that I like working with. Very cool people with different sorts of content, writing styles, and good personalities.

I joined for a few reasons. One is obviously to work with these really cool people and work on creative projects. The second one is that while I am growing a bit and stats are better then they ever have been, I can’t help but see myself stagnating a bit in some ways. I am technically on my small blogging break, but I can’t help but admit that I was burning out a bit before that happened. I think this will help provide me with a new spark and I am excited to see that happen.

This transition felt very natural to me because I was already pretty involved in Jon Spencer’s discord server anyway. I look forward to see where this group and agreement will go in the future. There is a certain excitement in the unknown. A little fear as well, but that feels natural when trying something new.


  1. I feel the fear because I’m just an anxiety-ridden kitten lol, but I’m looking forward to this as being a steppingstone in combatting that anxiety and finally coming out of my shell a bit. I’d love to be more social, but again, anxiety. Figured this is an excellent place to give myself a kick in the rump. 😀

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