A Conversation With Annie/EveningTeaMusings

Hello everyone! I hope your all you Februaries are going ok. This has been a bit more of a relaxed month then I thought it would be, but that’s a good thing. You know, besides some state of the world things. I think that might be something we couldn’t stop. But in general, I can’t help but feel in some good spirits still. I hope they aren’t unfounded, but I don’t see how they can be when talking about some more cool people!

Here is the short survey link if you are interested in joining into this fun: https://forms.gle/WfsoEgv3eGMKUUVF9

Annie is one of the most creative bloggers out there. She sees a lot of concepts that we don’t in terms of anime and asian dramas and opens our eyes to different possibilities that are not as obvious as we would think. With her more casual writing style, there is also a very homey kind of style, it’s just a nice place to return to. Lets learn some more about her and her work!

What is your name, the kind of content you create on the internet, and the name of that or those pieces of media?

Annie – I have a blog that focuses on a mix of my interests: anime, Kpop, books, poetry. I also sometimes share my personal stories.

When did you first start enjoying the media of which you provide a voice for online?

During my childhood and teenage years.

What made you choose the media that you communicate your thoughts online?

I enjoy writing, so it was the most fitting.

Has it been difficult to find a voice in the online fandom?

If you engage with the right bloggers, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

When did you start gathering an audience? (Even a small amount of views or subscribers is an audience.)

A year… I think. I stopped blogging for a while. It wasn’t until I picked it up again was when it began to get bigger.

What are two posts/podcast episodes/pieces of art/etc that you are very proud of?

A personal post of mine: https://eveningteamusings.wordpress.com/2020/12/27/spill-the-tea-growing-up-chinese-canadian/

A creative post: https://eveningteamusings.wordpress.com/2020/04/12/synopses-turned-haikus-japanese-dramas/

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

Thank you for doing something like this!

Where can people find you online? (Twitter @/Facebook group/Blog Link/Place to find your podcasts/Patreon/Other Things?)


I don’t have a good relationship with social media platforms… so I’ll just leave my blog here.

I am glad we got to know a little more about Annie today. Please read more content from her blog because I can’t wait to see what she posts next!

Everyone out there can join in some way. Here is the link if you are interested in joining in the fun 😀 : https://forms.gle/dpGk7TaiQJrBJh5N7


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