#MechaMarch Reminder Post

Hello everyone, I just wanted to remind you all that MechaMarch is coming up fast. I’m pretty excited about this one because there is going to be a lot of other involved with it too. Especially those of the podcast variety! :). I never expected it to expand out as much as it did because I originally did it for the alliterating at first, but then it just became a staple of Mechanical Anime Reviews. I like that fact. It shows that after doing

My end of Mecha March starts on March 3rd. I will be posting a review of something more well known followed by something that isn’t as well known on that Friday. That’s the pattern that I am going for this time around. This will repeat for three more weeks until the last day where I will post something about Mecha Anime from 2020. That seems like a great way to round off the whole experience after talking about older shows.

So, a reminder a couple things!

First Question, Response Due March 5th 2021, 5 pm PST:

Do you think a mostly non mecha show can have super robot/mecha energy to them?

I somehow messed up the month the first time I post this question along with some others. Please forgive me. Answer this anywhere that feels comfortable to you. You can comment here, send me questions on my contact form, or DM me on twitter (@MechAnimeReview).

Share your mecha post!

You can contact me the same way as the above post. Please send me a mecha post that you would like other people to see by March 26th 2021 at 5 PM PST.

One big question, if you were involved last year and sent me a list of posts would you mind if I used some that I share last time?

Thanks for your time! I can’t wait for this to start!


  1. “Do you think a mostly non mecha show can have super robot/mecha energy to them?”

    I would think so. There’s tons of series that are labeled one thing by their creator, marketing team, etc, but feel completely different to the viewer. I think this also depends on the fan and their prior experience with mecha anime as a comparison point. I’ve only seen a handful (Code Geass, G.I.T.S., Astro Boy, FLCL for reference), a lot of which without looking at tags I wouldn’t have outright named as ‘mecha’ series. G.I.T.S. especially since it still boggles my mind that the tachikomas are considered ‘mecha’. So my perspective on ‘mecha’ energy is a lot different than say, someone who has extensively watched franchises like Gundam or Macross or at least has a lot of familiarity to them.

    As for last year’s posts, I think I only had one I shared with you, but if you’d like or want to share it again, that’s fine by me!

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  2. A bit late to the party on this one, but better late than never.

    To answer your question, I certainly think a non-mecha show can carry that energy. It is something I have actually been thinking about a bit recently coincidentally. Given that a lot of the character most super robots have (at least in the case of older series, I am admittedly not up to date on what shows have come out that are mecha related recently) comes from the pilot(s) you could very easily transfer that type of character into something else.

    As strange as it sounds I think JoJo fits the bill somewhat honestly. Hot-blooded heroes, ridiculous powers and some crazy battles with the courageous protagonists always coming out on top. I am sure plenty of people would disagree on that but the reasons I like super robot shows are the reason I like JoJo (besides the sweet mecha designs). The shouting of battle moves certainly helps too. Admittedly that is a very specific type of super robot show I suppose but those are certainly my favourites.

    Unfortunately for the part about sharing posts, I’ve only just started actually adding to my blog. I was just using it to store images for a few years. I am currently working on a pretty long piece about my thoughts on GaoGaiGar which I should have done over the next few days so if you wanted that I can let you know.

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