#MechaMarch Show and Tell

So, there was an idea between Irina (yes, that one) and I that we will swap pictures of different mecha designs between each other and then judge each of them according. We each gave each other four different designs to judge and it’s going to be a lot of fun. So, I’ve got 4 different mecha from Irina and this collab is working at 100% spirit power with no flaws to it what so ever. I do know where 3/4ths of these mecha come from, but we thought it would be a lot more fun to act like we didn’t know anything. Why not? I am sure that nothing wrong will come from making this decision. In some ways, I think that the changing of reference frames wouldn’t matter anyway.

So, let’s look at the mecha that Irina provided. Irina is the best person to collab with because the wonderful and unique person that you don’t meet that often. If you want to see her responses to what I gave her, check out her blog right here: link.

1) A New Challenger Approaches

I look at this design and come at it from two minds. The first one is that I really like the coloring. White with pink and yellow accents is very stylish and stands out in a lot of ways. I love how much the pinks and whites play with each other to create something special and the the yellow isn’t too obvious. It’s very shoujo like and that is an aesthetic we don’t see in a lot of mecha anime recently. It’s also very distinct and you can see where this mecha would be throughout the battlefield as a protagonist unit of some kind. That last portion comes from it being a white unit with those accent colors. That is a universal anime code from a protagonist unit after all.

The proportions of this unit really confuses me. It feels a little too short and stocky to be useful for anything. I don’t think it would be able to hold larger weapons in any efficient way. Swords seem too much for it and rifles and other weaponry If it had to move on the ground, it’s an inefficient design. It if can fly, all bets are off really. Same with the use of magic because all rules are thrown out because magic usually goes beyond explanation. I am still a little frustrated by magic though.

2) Some Mini Bosses

Oh man, here is some good stuff. I really enjoy this art style. There is something about how it exudes all sorts of personality without even looking into them into too much detail. They also all feel despite how different these mecha are from each other, they also feel like they belong together. That is due to their features being similar and they are mostly one color as well. That’s really cool. The mechanical designers put a lot of thought into these designs.

I really like how beasty they are. Each one has some strange proportions that are completely inhuman, but I suppose that is the point. Some of them should not be walking because of how out of sync reality they are. Look at the one with the absurdly long and muscular arms and really short legs. That’s crazy and that is only one of them. Look at those other designs like the . So cool but something tells me that the show these mecha are attached to doesn’t concern itself with reality.

3) A Wild One

Hmmm, I can’t say that I am a fan of this design. There are just too many flaws to it.

First things first, it is a really cool concept. What isn’t cool about a mecha shaped like a ferocious animal. There is nothing wrong with this concept of plan at all. It is infact one of the coolest thing possible and I would recommend that more mecha going forward that are shaped like animals. Especially four legged ones. There is a lot of stability that comes from being four legged. Especially when you have sharp claws like that. Running and cutting another mecha apart in the same motion is the ultimate efficient design. White with blue, red, and yellow accents is also a really good choice too. So yeah, there are the positives.

The negatives come from the mecha being over designed. It’s not sleek at all and comes with tons of exposed parts. If you are going to run in a desert like in this photo or some other horrible terrain that isn’t just a boring, clean tournament arena or something. Then the mecha in question is going to break down, isn’t it? What about the fact that the rider is on top of the mecha in an exposed sort of way? Is he piloting it? Is he driving it? What kind of craziness do we have here? Do not want, would not suggest.

We as a society deserve good animal mecha and not just ones like this. 

4) Shadow of the Colossus 

Oh, this one is so simple and yet so cool! This one was meant to crush you as fast as possible and you can tell this by the giant fists it has and the giant and thick legs to support itself. It might not be the fastest mecha of the group, but it doesn’t matter. It feels like it has power in spades and can take a lot of damage if it has to. You know, unless the armor itself is infinitesimally strong too because that build material looks very solid. Maybe old and ancient, but very strong because something has to be strong to last a thousand years or so. Good luck surviving against this thing.

The design on this is just so cool and says “ancient being” or something similar all over it. Especially since its design is like a moving statue. I mean, look at that face. It has some anger issues on its face or something. An ancient god statue is angry and wants to smash you. What did you do, Mr. Protagonist up in the front? Why aren’t you repenting yet?  Or even running? I would aim for those arm joints on top to win this fight, but something tells me that despite being the weakest points, they are probably extremely tough and impossible to break. Good luck! I am going to walk the other way.

That was a lot of fun. Irina is awesome and I am glad that we collabed on this because it was such a fun thing to do and Irina is always a blast to talk to because she is one of the most comfy people to talk to. :D. Hmmm, we should meet up to drink sometime. 


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