A Conversation With Phoenix

Hi everyone. Hope you have been enjoying the grand event called #MechaMarch since its that time again. It’s only been one weeks worth of content at this moment, but I think that this week is going to be a lot of fun even if there is going to be a bit of an emotional whiplash. I think its worth it for the content involved here. I hope everyone has been having a good March as well. It’s still a crazy time period to live in.

Here is the short survey link if you are interested in joining into this fun: https://forms.gle/WfsoEgv3eGMKUUVF9

And like usual, this week we have a new guest named Phoenix, a major Tezuka fan. A blogger of anime, k drama, j dramas, manga, and so many other cool things. Through comments, I feel like we have become friends and I would like to know them a lot more in the future somehow. Especially since we seem to have very similar tastes in husbandos and waifus too. Yeah, that just seems to be one of the truest statements ever. Maybe we just operate on the same wave length sometimes.

What is your name, the kind of content you create on the internet, and the name of that or those pieces of media?

The name I currently use is Rise or Phoenix, I’m not particularly picky about how I’m referred to online. I’ll answer to either one since they’re used pretty interchangeably.

I write on a blog literally titled “Phoenix Talks Pop Culture Japan”, and that’s pretty much what I do. I talk about anime, manga, Jmusic specifically Visual Kei more often than not, Japanese dramas and movies, and well whatever else fits in that category that I feel like blogging about!

When did you first start enjoying the media of which you provide a voice for online?

I don’t have a specific date or anything but it’s now been over twelve years since I really got into anime, manga, and Visual kei. All three of those things more or less became a thing in my life around the same time. As for Jpop, Japanese dramas and movies and anything else it’s been closer to maybe nine or ten years? Pop culture stuff tends to go hand in hand with each other, so for me sometimes it’s a big chicken or the egg question. But I think that’s a reasonable timeline of events.

What made you choose the media that you communicate your thoughts online?

Well, I had tried earlier when I was younger to make it big as a fan artist on deviantart, but that did not go well for me. I also did a handful of reviews and guest posts on MyDramaList that got a decent bit of traction. I liked the idea of writing blog articles, but not every single idea I had would fit on MyDramaList or MyAnimeList. I hate the idea of splitting my writing into different places, and had used WordPress a little bit before, so I decided to carve out my own little space here instead.

Has it been difficult to find a voice in the online fandom?

Yes, and no. I was never one to really engage in forums or blogs aside from reading them when I was younger. I am probably one of the few that had the wrath of stranger danger/tricky people online burned into my young consciousness so putting myself out there online was hard for me to do. Plus, since I wanted to talk about so many things at once, it was a bit of a challenge to find a balance.

Additionally, it’s hard for me to phrase my opinions on something in a way that’s true to how I really feel, but also in a way that doesn’t alienate others. I can be a bit more harsh then I intend and well, the internet is the internet so certain things are bound to be misinterpreted no matter how you phrase them.

When did you start gathering an audience? (Even a small amount of views or subscribers is an audience.)

I think really around my fourth month of blogging. The first three months were a lot of trial and error with posting schedules, commenting, and developing my own style. I did not know WordPress as well as I thought I did, so sometimes I had a lot of FML moments. So once I got into it and proven myself to be sticking around for a longer haul, that I started gathering a more consistent audience.

What are two posts/podcast episodes/pieces of art/etc that you are very proud of?

I don’t think I’ll ever top talking about twins on my blog, so….

On Fraternal Twins in Anime and Manga: https://phoenixtalkspopculturejapan.wordpress.com/2018/11/14/fraternal-twins-in-anime-and-manga-the-two-best-sets-of-twins/


Twin ‘Sins’ We’re Done With (I love using the royal we in titles): https://phoenixtalkspopculturejapan.wordpress.com/2020/09/12/twin-sins-were-done-with-in-anime-and-manga-as-decided-by-a-fraternal-twin/

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

Thank you for letting us come talk on your blog for a bit!

Where can people find you online? (Twitter @/Facebook group/Blog Link/Place to find your podcasts/Patreon/Other Things?)

There’s only two places really so that on the blog: https://phoenixtalkspopculturejapan.wordpress.com/

And on the ‘Gram: https://www.instagram.com/phoenixtalks_insta/

Yay, thanks to Phoenix for stopping by and generally being pretty cool. I know I learned a lot about them becaus they feel more unique then before.

I’m running low on these, so if you are a cool person (or not cool like me), please stop by and answer a few questions. It doesn’t take very long! Otherwise, next week might be the last one and then I will just do one on myself :).

Everyone out there can join in some way. Here is the link if you are interested in joining in the fun 😀 : https://forms.gle/dpGk7TaiQJrBJh5N7


  1. Again, thanks for having me! I really feel like we’ve become friends through the comments as well since I’ve tastes tend to overlap on a lot of things!

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