#MechaMarch Powerful Women Tag!

International Women’s Day was on March 8th, so yay a late post. I am kind of barging down the door for this tag, but I am going to blame Irina, ok? She mentioned in her reply to my comment on her post that she didn’t add any women from Mecha Anime, so I am going to do that? This will also result in me breaking some rules as well.

Considering that I just did it on my volition and wasn’t tag, I find that personally acceptable and I don’t think anyone can really stop me in doing this either. Well, you can try but there is a pandemic going on. My own rule is women from Mecha Anime, which is the only thing holding me back from doing this.

The Rules:
-Choose a female (real or fictional) for every prompt.
-Tag at least one female blogger. (Ha, I am breaking some rules…soo)
-Pingback to Annie’s Powerful females’ tag.


Name a woman known for her intelligence:

Kanuka Clancy (The Patlabor Franchise)

Kanuka Clancy is one of my favorite characters ever for a lot of reasons. She’s talented, half American, she’s deadly with weaponry, she’s a good teacher (especially to Noa Izumi in the Patlabor TV Series where she takes the teacher role), and she’s very intelligent. Kanuka Clancy is a police officer that made it on her own volition. By being half Japanese, she is the outsider that sees a lot more from cases then others or sees a different perspective then others in meaningful ways. With her intelligent insight, she provides an endless amount of value to everything she does. I really like her even if Noa Izumi is a little higher on my list.

Name a woman known for her physical strength:

Kanna Kirishima (Sakura Wars)

Kanna is a lot of things. She’s very kind, she’s very patient, she’s a very talented pilot, and she’s insanely muscular. In the Tokyo Combat Revue: Flower Division, she is the tallest and strongest person in the show. I mean this when I say that she is at least three heads above their leader, Ichiro Ogami and trains herself like a shonen hero by wearing heavy boots when going on running. Kanna is an ally that everyone needs on their side. Not just because she’s strong, but because she is an easy person to talk with and cool down with.

Name a woman who powered through difficult times:

Ibuki Momoi (Dai-Guard)

Spoilers for next week, but Ibuki is a character that has lived a hard life. Partially because of the circumstances for the series itself and partially because of nearly endless stubbornness. When Ibuki was young, the Heterodyne attacked for the first time. Her father was one of a few scientists that went out to study it and he died as a result. She lived her life with only the image of her father as her anchor and when it was revealed that her father was over obsessed and drunk during the first Heterodyne attack, it broke her. Ibuki spent her entire life hating her step father until that step father brought her back into her very gar self.

Name a woman who you want to be friends/roommates with:

Nono (Diebuster)

I had to think about this one for a bit, so I am considering Nono in the friend category instead of roommate because she might be a bit destructive and clumsy resulting in some very expensive bills if we had an apartment together. Not to mention that she had a job and sucked at it. But, she is a force of positivity and nature. Nono is robot buster machine that has brought people back from moments of depression after hearing what they have to say for themselves and I think that’s good and valuable. I would love to just be friends with her because that would be the coolest thing ever.

Name a woman who you think is a good role model:

Mirai Yashima (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Mirai is the mother of the White Base crew and despite being a rookie on piloting a giant war ship into battle, she is the most grounded and well put together character in Mobile Suit Gundam. She holds the crew together in times of struggle, always is able to surpass her limits and what she thinks she can do to succeed, and is person that is worldly enough to have an uncanny ability to understand others even if they don’t say much during their angsty moments. If there is a better person that is a role model, then please let me know.

Name a woman who deserves the spotlight:

Milia Jenius (SDF Macross/Macross 7)

Just like Irina, the character I chose does count as a main character or at least an important side character, but they feel doomed to constantly be pushed to the side for other characters. She shows up late in SDF Macross and while a stand out character by being an alien ace pilot that marries another side character ace, she doesn’t get the screen time she needs to be as awesome as she could be. In Macross 7, she is the Mayor of Macross 7 city and is the mother to one of the protagonists and while she does have a significant amount of screen time yet again, she isn’t the focus. I would love her to have her own series because she is just that bad ass honestly.

Tag Things

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you see this, please do this yourself. It’s a lot of fun.


  1. Those were some good picks. I almost forgot about Kanna from Sakura Wars. It’s been a while since I’ve seen earlier incarnations of that anime. Funny you say she’s like a shonen hero because her voice actress is the same person who plays Luffy. Ibuki is a very underrated example, too.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup! That’s Mayumi Tanaka who voiced her in all the Japanese versions of that character. She’s also the voice of Koenma in Yu Yu Hakusho and Pazu in Castle In the Sky, by the way.

        Sure. I’m glad you did.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, ooh, can I play, daddy?

    I’m not going to limit myself to just mecha because I haven’t watched enough mecha (or rather I should say, enough good mecha) to fill out the whole list just on that. And your list is awesome enough that I don’t want to try to compete with it anyway. I will however limit myself to only adult women – no schoolgirls.

    Intelligence: Sakurako, from Beautiful Bones. A trained osteologist and an amateur detective all in one.

    Strength: Milly Thompson, from Trigun. Gotta be, for the size of that gatling gun she lugs around. Kanna was a terrific pick too tho.

    Powered through difficult times: Yasuko Takasu, from Toradora. High school dropout, single mom raising a son with seemingly no friends or family to help out, making just enough money to scrape by, but she still provides a good home for her son that’s full of warmth and love.

    Roommate: Nami Yamigumo, from Silent Mobius. Since she’s a Shinto priestess she’s supposed to avoid drinking and remain celibate, so that’s two common problems with roommates I won’t have to worry about. Also she’s a neat freak, and frankly I could use a roommate like that to help keep me on top of getting my own chores done; I like a neat house but I’m prone to slacking off on the cleaning when it’s just me alone.

    Good role model: Sakae Jinnouchi, from Summer Wars. She’s one supremely cool old lady.

    Deserves a spotlight: I like the pick of Miriya better than anyone I could come up with. That said, after thinking for a while I keep circling back to Lindy Harlaown from Lyrical Nanoha. She could’ve been a candidate for the role model category herself, being both a widowed mom and a space admiral, and there’s a lot more stuff in her backstory implying she’s actually an even bigger badass beyond that, but unfortunately we never get to see her do all that much since all the focus is naturally on the main girls. If Lindy ever got a spinoff series, though, I’d totally watch it.

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    1. Oh, I know most of your choices and you picked some great ones. I wasn’t looking to compete anyway 😁.

      Oh my goodness does Lindy deserve so much more attention. Definitely an underrated character for sure.


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