A Conversation With Fred/AuNaturalOne

Hello everyone, thanks for reading my interview posts for the past few months. I’m amazed by how much attention and an audience that they have found. This project lasted a lot longer then I thought it would and that is thanks to a lot of you getting involved in your own way. Due to the lack of responses and the uncertain nature of some people who answered questions, I closed down the link. The last post will be next week and it will be about me. Not that exciting, but it’s only fair after everyone else has shared their own posts, right? Maybe? I am not sure. With that, lets talk about the last real guest Fred.

Fred is one of the most unique and wonderful bloggers that has made their appearance in our blogosphere. It’s especially revealing in some special ways. On his own blog, he posts a lot of insightful posts on anime. He also shares his thoughts on recent major news events like the Mars Rover Perseverance that recently landed, mental health, and who knows what else. His blog is a very good soup of good content which is fun to get lost into. Lets learn more about him by his own words instead of mine though.

What is your name, the kind of content you create on the internet, and the name of that or those pieces of media?

My name is Fred but I also go by Au Natural. I have two blogs, one is “This is My Place…” (https://aunatural.org) and the other is “I’m Not Dead Yet…” There’s a lot of overlap and the second one is not very busy. I also occasionally do guest posts on other blogs.

When did you first start enjoying the media of which you provide a voice for online?

Late 1980s. I was in my early 30s at he time.

What made you choose the media that you communicate your thoughts online?

I don’t like the short form of Twitter and FB and the like. I’m much too lazy to do a video blog. So regular blogging was the way to go.

Has it been difficult to find a voice in the online fandom?

Not really. If there’s any problem it is that my voice is scattered among several different interests instead of focusing on just one. Focusing on just one topic would build a bigger readership in that area but I would find it boring.

When did you start gathering an audience? (Even a small amount of views or subscribers is an audience.)


What are two posts/podcast episodes/pieces of art/etc that you are very proud of?

I have two OWLS posts that I especially like. One is “Everybody Loves a Lover – OWLS” (https://aunatural.org/2019/09/18/everybody-loves-a-lover/)
and another is “Vulnerability – My Take.” (https://aunatural.org/2019/06/30/vulnerability-my-take)

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

No problem!

Where can people find you online? (Twitter @/Facebook group/Blog Link/Place to find your podcasts/Patreon/Other Things?)

If you really want a twitter account… @AuNaturelOne

Yes, we did it. Thanks to Fred for sharing his thoughts and his life to us a bit. 🙂

See you guys next week for a post about me next week and that will be it. Thanks for supporting this project.

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