Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2021 Anime Season Week 11

Oh hey, this coming week is the last full week of Mecha March and a pretty good make up week for all the shows that were delayed from last week. A lot of crazy things happened as expected and it’s all good fun generally. Very busy week to be sure, but that’s ok. All weeks are busy for me I suppose.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 10

Found on Funimation

Yay! A Momoe episode about her own trans journey by not being accepted by the guy who asked her out because he thought he was a guy originally. Then there was the jump into the Wonder Egg dream world mind space where the trans school boy and herself validated each other’s existence. I am ery worried about her going forward though Especially since she made it to the end of her journey now and has to fight a warrior to win things and she could actually die from it? Uh oh. Not sure I enjoy that.

On the otherside, there is the Ai meeting her teacher who left school to pursue his art career and his deep love for Ai’s mother. Something interesting in that situation is the fact that Ai is dressed like her mother and the episode ended with Ai against him about Koito. Uh oh. There was also some stuff in the beginning about the girls asking the Accas about their business associations and how they used to be human, but that was skipped over. I am sure that will come into play later and they missed something. Very good episode this week if a bit frightening.

Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 10

Found on Funimation

This was the information gathering episode about what is currently going on and it was fun. Log Horizon is decent at exposition and gathering information because they are framed by character moments. The characters wake up from the Genius attack and every character above 65 is lowered to 35 and everyone else keeps their level. Many characters discover that they have difficulty fighting monsters, can appear in the real world when dead, and so many other things. Now it is time for the kids, not Shiroe and crew, to win thins and they can do it. Looking forward to next episode quite a bit.

Yuru Camp Season 2 Episode 11

Found on Crunchyroll

This episode was quite a bit of fun. It’s great seeing all the girls together and doing their all fun times with great characters, especially with Akari, Aoi’s sister, and Rin and other people. I think this episode also shows how she just is in such a different wave length. It’s kind of shown by how she woke up and went to bed at a different time than the others. Ena and Nadeshiko are the closest to being their but they weren’t close enough honestly. With this great camping trip, I hope Rin doesn’t ruin it all. Looking forward to what happens next episode.

Cells at Work Code Black Episode 13 (Finale)

Found on Funimation

The conclusion to this show was oddly too simple. After the body ended up dying, it was resuscitated and the red cells worked hard to get oxygen all over the body afterwards. Then the conclusion had the body working and operating better than ever before, though no one knows for how long, and the blood cells were inserted into another terrible body. Uh oh. Very simple, but very heartwarming in its execution. This show was decent or good. Nothing spectacular, but had a very good emotional journey.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 23

Found on Crunchyroll

Yay! It’s Megumi’s time to shine and be ambitious. Pushed against the wall, remembering the past, and what Gojou has said to him, Megumi decided to be ambitious and defeat the monster he couldn’t beforehand. By trying his hardest, he created his own domain and it was incredible. Such great character work and visuals as usual. This episode only felt like it lasted 5 minutes yet again.

Back Arrow Episode 11

Found on Funimation

While some action was at hand, this was definitely a set up episode for what is to come. A great set up episode with a lot of meaningful moments. Shu Bi helping with designing the ring and then taking a couple himself is going to play into his escape probably? But the Granedger vs Kai and Rin was beautiful strategic and emotional. Poor Rin and her revenge not happening. On the other end, Princess Fine struggling to come to terms with her strength and her general losing to the emperor of Rekka were horrifying. So many plot points hanging around here. I am very interested to see how this grand scale invasion ends.

Horimiya Episode 11

Found on Funimation

This show is really good with its side characters and generally ok with the main characters. This episode is a pretty good example of that. Today’s episode is centered on Iura, a classmate of our four characters. Not to mention that there is some good Yanagi content by getting him to be less formal and our adopted girl content who is scared of Iura, but it’s mostly about Iura. A guy who seems loud at school, but is so quiet, protective, and supportive of his younger sister. Especially since he has two sides of himself and his sister doesn’t know that Iura likes her. I really like these deep dives into side characters because of how interesting they are. Plus, Kyoko and Izumi can be fun too when not in their relationship issues. Hmmmm…

SK8: The Infinity Episode 10

Found on Funimation

This is the thesis statement episode of this show about how skate boarding is fun and people should just have fun. The meeting of the world of drama with backstory and the world of fun was when Reki got hit by Adam’s butler’s car and the two had that discussion. It is also the episode that helped the Reki and Langa get on their feet again in a much clearer understanding too when both are on equal terms. Plus there is some hospital fall out due to injuries to Cherry and to Shadow. This show really is violent when it wants to be. Dang. But that’s ok, this is fun after all.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episodes 13 and 14

Found on Funimation and Crunchyroll

I don’t have that much to say about Episode 14 other than that was certainly a backstory to man who was about to die. It does explain some things about him like his baseball throw and his relationship to the previous inheritor of the beast titan. I just wish I knew enough about this world to know how baseball existed as a sport here considering that Marley is constantly at war. That’s all I got out of it because this was literally Attack on Titan captain America for Zeke and him explaining the world to Eren beforehand. I just didn’t get anything out of it because this would have been much better if I didn’t see him about to die and then die to Levi beforehand.

Episode 13 was the big episode this time around. Eren has his betrayal against Mikasa who was constantly there to protect him due to Ackerman blood, the Jeagerist and their bit of an invasion and ideology changes, and then Zeke’s spinal flood finally enacting itself across all members of the military allowing the Jeagerists to do what they are doing. Too bad Zeke planned on Levi having mercy when all his men turned into Titans. Yeah, Levi doesn’t know what that word means and he defeated Zeke easily. I wonder what kind of wrench this will throw in Eren’s plans. Does the blood work if Zeke is dead? Hmmm. These episodes were good, just nothing great or substantial.


      1. Yeah, I think there a strong bitter sweet feel if it ended last season. But I think to me there certain themes and message that tell me Isayama wanted to end the story with “ending the cycle ”. So we have to see I guess.

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