#MechaMarch 2021: Question 4

Thank you guys for enjoying Mecha March 2021. Next week is the in review portion of Mecha March. Next year, I need to come up with a different thing for the weekends next year for 2022. But for now we need to cover the last question of 2021. Yay!

Do you think that adding mecha into a genre that doesn’t have it as often like sports or otherwise can add some new energy or is it just a waste of time?

From Ospreyshire

It can work, but it depends on the context and the situation of the story. Sports could work especially in a futuristic or sci-fi environment, so I have no issue with that. If there’s a legitimate reason for there to be a mecha in a genre that wouldn’t normally have them, then it could be fine. If it’s there just because and doesn’t have any comedic or sensible value, then I think it could be very shallow.

From Phoenix

I think it depends on the why’s and how’s. If they just make baseball series with mecha characters, just because another baseball anime wouldn’t sell; then no. I need some world building as to why they decided to make it baseball and mecha. I want some logistics about why we as a society (if it was on earth), decided human baseball wasn’t enough anymore, etc. Also the intention, if it’s done to put on a spin on both genres, and there’s some care taken to the story and characters, it should work. Just doing it to do it, isn’t enough.

From Aria/MagicConan14

Adding mecha means explaining why the mechs are there, and that leads to the point that some genres work better with mechs than others. For instance, I could imagine Hypnosis Mic as a mech show because of the fact the speakers could be rendered as mechs and it could work because basically anything goes in that kinda-futuristic universe in the first place. In fact, any series which has an “anything goes” policy, even Ranma 1/2, would work really well with a mech or few added. (This is kinda spoilers, but…porcupinefish mecha from Boueibu, anyone…?)

However, if you tried to make, say, a mecha horror series…it would probably end up falling flat on its face, because giant robots and scary things don’t mesh well. Gridman showed you can pull off a sense of foreboding and unease with having kaiju in the background, but just having the atmosphere doesn’t make a proper horror series.

From Me (Of All People)

I agree with the others. If mecha is inserted in a way that makes sense for it to be there through how the world is constructed or having a reason for it, then it’s fine. Otherwise It’s just kind of there I suppose. Or there could be the opposite direction and go completely insane with it and it just works in tone and such. That has worked for quite a few series too. Is that a justification again? Hmmm…


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