#MechaMarch Posts from Other People

It’s so cool to see so many people involved with Mecha March in their own ways by working on their own very cool content. I suppose this post is very similar to #TheJCS with a lot more Mecha focus as well. I think that it is so awesome that I can just do that. By looking at these posts, please check out each of these blogs and content creators. Each of them is just so good in their own way and right. Thanks for paying attention.

I usually write whole paragraphs about each post that makes an appearance for #TheJCS, but I do not feel like I have the time to do that, so each will get one or two sentences each. I’m sorry for my laziness. This post will have things that came out this month and older posts if other people have submitted them to me.

From Lita Kino Anime Corner:

Triangle Of Unity In Space | Macross Delta

A great post about Macross Delta. I have no checked this one out yet, but I plan to in the very near future.

5 Mecha Women With Drive, Boys Heh | Mecha March 2021

Another great post about some really cool leading ladies of mecha anime.

Anime Science 101

Gundams are not nuclear bombs

A wonderful post about the realistic or not so realistic nature of reactors of a gundam mobile suit. Please check this out.


Why is Back Arrow so Fun?

A fun post about a show that is currently airing and why it’s so interesting. If the words in this post sway you, please check this show out whenever you get the chance to do so.

Chris George Joynson

Anime Corner: Patlabor: The Movie

Patlabor is a franchise that is near and dear to my heart and this movie is a pretty solid experience. You may have read my words about this before, but please check out this post that shares this opinion.

Retro Mecha Anime World: A union of Retro Mecha Podcast, Retro Anime Podcast, and Anime Head Retro World

#9 Mecha March 2021 Special

A podcast about three short, good mecha ovas from 1987. A real treasure trove of cool content that shows how varied mecha can be even in sort form. Please give this one a listen because it’s a good one.

Mecha March: Power Dolls (1996)

Craig writes an excellent post about Power Dolls, a 1996 ova with two good episodes about a unit of female soldiers.

#26 Mecha March 2021

In this podcast, Ian and Lewis discuss two different female based mecha ovas. They are Black Magic M-66 and Ariel. Both are pretty great, so please listen to this post to hear more!


Mecha March; The Gundam Musical Edition

A post from Phoenix that came around Mecha March 2020, which seems like ten thousand years ago now. This post is about Phoenix’s favorite artists and musicians who got involved with Gundam music in one way or another and it’s wonderfully unique.


Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

A post that describes the reason why Gundam SEED doesn’t work and I can’t help but say that I don’t disagree. I don’t have a fresh re-watch it my mind. A little nervous about my re-watch of it in the future.

Forge of Zeon

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar, A Personal Journey

A wonderful person post about a Braves series that I watched recently, GaoGaiGar. I highly recommend reading this post and watching GaoGaiGar as well.


Mecha March – What’s in a Design?

Irina and I did a small collab for mecha march this year. We traded designs and discussed things about them on our own blogs. Here is Irina responding to the mecha I gave her.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

I have been watching Irina watch Code Geass on anilist for quite a bit, so I am happy that a review came out. Here are Irina’s thoughts of Code Geass R1.

Jon Spencer

SSSS.GRIDMAN & My Anime Watching Experience

This is apart of Jon’s #AniTwitWatches were we watched SSSS.Gridman and not exactly Mecha March, but it ended in March so it works. Here is Jon’s thoughts on SSSS.Gridman the mostly ok Tokusatsu anime from Trigger.

The Infinite Zenith

SSSS.Gridman: Whole-Series Review and Reflection

Same thing as above due to Infinite Zenith being apart of this session of #AniTwitWatches. Here is Zenith’s thoughts on SSSS.Gridman.


Final Thoughts on Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Dewbond has posted quite a bit of posts about Gundam SEED from February to March, so once again not exactly a Mecha March thing. Still, I am counting it because I feel like. Here is one of Dewbond’s posts on Gundam SEED to balance the one above.


Star Driver Series Review

This post randomly showed up on Twitter the day I put this together and it’s a post about Star Driver. What else needs to be said here? Read Karandi’s thoughts on Star Driver here!

Build Casters

Build Casters – MECHAmendations

In this short podcast episode, Ash gives 5 good mecha recommendations for new mecha fans to check out. It doesn’t take long, give it a listen.

Build Casters – Black Women of Mecha Anime

Another short Podcast episode from Ash about 5 fantastic black women from all across Mecha History. There are some great choices in this one too, so give it a listen.

Build Casters – Full Metal Geass!

Ash and Sentai Five, separate but together yet, give some quick impressions on Gundam Build Fighters Real, a live action gunpla battle series, and Kyokai Senki, the new original mecha anime that will come out this fall. Very fun but very good things coming here now.



I am glad that someone wrote this post. Rahxephon has a reputation for being “a copy” of Evangelion and that only makes sense on a surface level. If you look at the inner parts of both of these series, they are so different from each other. Please read this post to know more.

These are all the posts I saw related to Mecha this month and it’s been a busy month for me. If I missed any, I’m sorry. Please link yours below if you want them to be seen.


  1. I read some of those articles and they were great. Funny you mention mecha anime since Ashley and I just released our collab of a certain Gainax work today. I also gave you a shout-out earlier this week on Iridium Eye.

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