Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2021 Anime Season Week 13

Since this is a big transition week for anime, I decided to try something new for this coming season. I will be excluding Back Arrow though, because that is still going and would ruin the plan a bit considering that this is the second cour. Hmmmm.

Out with The Old

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 12 (Finale for NOW)

Found on Funimation

If there is something to be said about Wonder Egg Priority, it’s too ambitious for its intended run of one cour. Especially when it digs inside of the minds and lives of these four queer girls in such a unique state through very alice in wonderland and other vivid imagery. Especially since this episode focused on a lot of things in a smaller amount of time. The egg Ai hatched was an alternate universe version of herself. An Ai that committed suicide because she never met Koito. The enemy in the episode was also Sawaki in a monster form that pretty much confirmed how much of a creep he is with his art abilities.

This episode felt pretty rough compared to usual Wonder Egg Priority episodes. A lot of very far off shots, very janky bits of animation here and there that are unusual for this very polished show, and not as much visual spectacle except for the AI larger laser sword, and such. That’s fine because the emotional journey itself was pretty good. I do wish this story could have been more sharply written for a one cour show. I do not think that even with an episode 8, this finale would have landed that hard. Either way, I had a good time. Good episode for a generally good show.

Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 12 (Finale)

Found on Funimation

That was the episode I expected it to be, but it was a good one. We could tell from the way Minori saw Shiroe that she was still a kid. Especially since she revered him so much. Akatsuki on the other says the real Shiroe and loves him anyway. Same with the appearance of the twin sisters who had visions of the adventurers when they were kids. The fight was one through impossible team work and Minori does confess her feelings in which Shiroe turns away from her and admits that he likes Akatsuki. I think this is the most grown-up episode of this show yet because of the way it feels. I hope we get another season. Very good finale of a general good season. To me, I don’t think Log Horizon has a way of being bad.

Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Episode 13 (Finale)

Found on Crunchyroll

It’s not often that I have a certain lost of words, but this finale was really good and fun. Myabe a little over stuffed, but the most important episode moments happened. Very good trip moments with people who were made an appearance throughout the season and the girls hanging out with Capybaras and dogs. Akari is like the cutest little sister ever as well. The final moment of Rin and Nadeshiko meeting on the road right out of town was the best moment though. Rin spent most of the season watching for other people, so having the opposite happen was a wonderful turn around.

Back Arrow Episode 13

Found on Funimation

The war for Lutoh’s survival continues. Hux and Back Arrow work together to defeat Kai and Ren, but after multiple attempts at something against that great duo with their wild antics and continue to fail. Hux’s warriors also helped the Grandedger crew as well, so it’s been good times until the Kai and Ren vs Hux and Back Arrow felt went too far leading to Fine jumping in leading to the emperor of Rekka to get the good side of Fine out of her. A lot of crazy things happened now and Lutoh might not survive anything. Crazy episode.

Horimiya Episode 13 (Finale)

Found on Funimation

I don’t have much to say about this finale because I feel like the largest emotional beats happened last episode. It feels like episode 12 deflated some of the tension in the show and then episode 13 is just the epilogue and it’s like “what is the point”? I suppose this is the goodbye to the cast, right? We see the good cast bringing home their stuff in a very funny but comedic scene while saying their goodbyes while Izumi contemplates how his life has changed for the better since Kyoko came into his life. It’s nice and well directed, but I wish it could have left at the emotional peak of the last episode. OH well.

Sk8: The Infinity Episode 12 (Finale)

Found on Funimation

This finale was great and just so much fun to watch. Especially since Adam went full vampire with his costume and cross shaped skateboard. The match between Adam and Langa was excellent in all the phases it went to from “The Zone” to where Adam dragged Langa into his world and the reversal when Langa brought Adam back by showing how fun skate boarding is. I am not sure how I feel about Adam stopped being investigated in the end though, but seeing Adam have fun with the cast in the end was fun. Same with seeing Langa’s own emotional journey come to the end. What a perfect finale for this show.

In with the new!

The Data

Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 3 Episode 1 (Premiere)

On Crunchyroll

Yay! The puppets are back! This episode was a bit of a slow started, but I think it had to be to show off the majesty and insanity of the Void Dungeon! Especially with the Demon Waifu’s powers making it happen while also her taking underhanded deals with another villainess group to put demons back into the Earth. Shang, Engimatic Gale, TM Revolution, and the Wife Guy spend a lot of this episode wandering the void junction until the inevitable fight occurs. Fun times! It was so worth getting to that point.

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 1 (Premiere)

On Funimation!

A pretty big character introduction episode. Lots of character conflict and complications abound. Yume and her chronic liar syndrome after her dead sister or something (not answered yet), Yomoga and his protagonist ability of bringing people together like feeding the stray Gauma who is a Kaiju controller, and the pair of Chise and his cousin(?) who are unemployed and lazy. Lots of crazy things. That leads to this being a group fight with four people needed to make the Dynazenon work against the Kaiju that showed up. This was definitely a confident intro and I already like this cast more then gridman. Can’t wait for more.

Megalobox 2: Nomad Episode 1 (Premiere)

On Funimation

I didn’t know what I was expecting when wandering into this sequel, but I think a lot of good came from it to explain its existence. Joe is punishing himself by pushing himself in to larger matches, taking drugs, and other things. It’s pretty clear that something happened to knock him out of the competition ring and I think that is something worth exploring a bit. Some excellent world building and character things going on here and I can’t wait for more. I also love how it’s sticking to the dirty 80’s aesthetic.

Moriarty Part 2 Episode 1

On Funimation

Oh hey, Sherlock is back and this portion has introduced a much larger cast. Mycroft made his presence known by bothering his brother, Irina Adler as the one black mailing a king and a fantastic disguise artist has shown up to ruin Sherlock’s professional career for one reason to keep her out of the hands of the government, and Moriarty and Mycroft are working together against Adler. Uh oh. I like it. They also went hard in making Adler very sexy which is as expected because everyone is sexy here. Seems like some fun times are going to happen.


    1. I find that it’s impossible not enjoy Back Arrow because it’s just a lot of chaos and fun.

      I have also just rewatched Gridman recently, but I found the lack of character in the show to be it’s weak point so having a good focus on giving a characters where to grow was a highlight for me.

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