Mechanical Anime Reviews Podcast Episode 3: Full Metal Panic

Hello everyone. It has been quite a bit of time since I posted a podcast episode on here. Sorry, but my semester has gotten crazy and I was doing too many projects at one to focus on recording this one. I spent a lot of time just being tired and staring as ceilings for a bit and it was time that I really needed to do that. The reason why I say all this is that this was supposed to be a companion piece to go with my Invisible Victory review from #Mechamarch and that plan just did work out as well.

With that said, here it is! Hopefully it’s an enjoyable listen. There has been some technological changes since the last podcast I’ve made. I recently bought a microphone. (A mouse and keyboard too, but those aren’t as important in this context. It’s not a super expensive one, but I think the quality different will be pretty immediately apparent. Here is the podcast file on Youtube!

You can also find my podcast on Anchor right here: Anchor Link. I will upload episodes 1 and 2 there later on so keep an eye out!

Being on Anchor means it will be available on some other platforms too. I also randomly just upload more AI read podcasts based on posts I’ve written on h from time to time because I am just too tired to do it sometimes. I hope that isn’t too distracting.

Once again, thanks for following and subscribing!

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