(Arc Incidents Data Files) Chapter 5: FTL Travel

Well, here is more data files for those who are interested in the universe that I have created so far. This is pretty much nonsense, but it works enough to make everything work somehow.

If you want to read this in a better format, here is a link: Link

In this series, there are two kinds of FTL Travel:

1) Instant
2) Jump Space

Instant: The core produces enough power to get one instantaneous wormhole from Earth to the ship’s data center. The data goes right to the processing unit from the FTL beacon on the ship.

In a pinch, the ship can jump immediately to Earth or another Noah ship in an instant. This is only used during a time of an emergency where everything has gone. Otherwise, it’s for communication and media data.

Jump Space: Influenced by a combination of Babylon 5 FTL Travel and Farscape Wormhole Travel. The energy in the core opens up an alternative dimension whose entrance is a gravity well portal that pulls whatever is in front of it into it and immediately closes afterwards.

In this dimension, the ship travels significantly faster than light speed without breaking the laws of physics. This is used for ship travel due to the fact that there is no definitive method of finding coordinates for instant jumps. All computer coordinates are approximated through supercomputers on the ship and are not accurate for pin point jumps.

Also, It is called Jump Space because it was named by AI. Artificial Intelligence sources are not the most original with naming schemes. Also, after jumping, the second uses less of its core to maintain jump. This leads to some instant FTL travel being available for information transfer.

Additional Info:

During FTL travel in Jump Space, the computer core runs 30% of it’s RAM into processing where the ship is going. If the core is overused, it can end with the ship stuck adrift in Jump Space and possibly lost forever. 

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