Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2021 Anime Season Week 2

Seasonal Ratings:


-Just because something is lower doesn’t mean that it’s a bad show to me. If I thought a show was bad, I would drop it.

-Back Arrow is sir not appearing on this list

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 2

Found on Funimation

Wow, what a crazy good episode. There was a lot of good stuff in motion at the high school itself. Yuki and his meeting with Machi again, Tohru and Kyo by themselves to have some good emotional moments too. But no, this episode was Shigure’s where we finally get to see own plot and how powerful he is even if he’s away. Sleeping with people with their consent but with his own goals to get Akito to himself finally. He has always been bad, but this is where we get to see how bad he is and it’s just so fascinating. The final season is just something else, huh?

Mars Red Episode 2

Found on Funimation

This episode feels like where Mars Red gets it’s true steam. Or, at least we get a true sense of what the plot is about. After a short introduction to the vampire members of sqaud zero, the colonel uses them to track down a vampire couple who are run loose in Tokyo and he does a fantastic job too. We also see a bit of humanity in the colonel because he doesn’t immediately set out to destroy them and offers them a deal. The younger blond play vampire is still around and we meet a news reporter lady that will become important later as well. Just lots of good things.

To Your Eternity Episode 1 (Premiere)

On Crunchyroll

Man, this episode had everything that I love about it. Not just sadness for sadnesses sake, but real human stories that make you feel sad. In this episode a changeling that first takes the place of a dying dog. Using that form, we see the sad tale of a older teen/young adult who is left on his lonesome in a frozen tundra and he misses his family. So we have this story of him trying to stay positive while going through the tundra and freezing to death to his last moment of “they wouldn’t want to see me laying down” and he dies sitting down. The changeling transforming in the kid and succeeding in his dream is so powerful. Not to mention how beautiful this show is right now. Exceptional writing and everything else.

ODDTAXI Episode 1 (Premiere)

On Crunchyroll

This first episode was so unusual that I can’t help but really love it. A city full of different animals just in a normal human context without the Beastars or BNA stuff, just living together like humans and a manatee driving a taxing around. It’s really interesting meeting these strange characters in unusual situations. An older college student meeting a college student who wants to go viral, a kidnapping case, and so many interesting things going on. I just really like it.

ODDTAXI Episode 2

The strangeness continues and I really did it. First is the developing relationship between our manatee driver and the alpaca nurse through odd yet human conversations and she wants to date him. Very interesting Meanwhile, what the characters they listen to on the radio show up. Plus, there the college student still trying to go viral and such. So obviously, there is some element of social media and media exchange being brought in by radio and the internet. Plus, a criminal case in the mix as well. So many interesting things. It’s really hard to describe this series to people and I think that’s a strength. Good episode.

Back Arrow Episode 15

Found on Funimation

While not as good as last episode, this episode was pretty great too. I was wondering what the fall out of last episode would be and here it is. The people of Lutoh rejecting the Princess after controlling her darkside, but never seeing it. The supreme leaders of Lutoh took over and the people rioted after the death of Butch the Butcher. What is left after the fall out of her kingdom? The Grandedger declares itself its own nation and takes Princess Fine with them. It was so good guys. I do feel sad for Butch the Butcher, but I guess his sacrifice was needed.

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 3

On Funimation!

While a weaker episode, this episode did serve a lot of buildup. The Kaiju Eugenicists from 5,000 years were revived and show up, Gauma used to be a part of them and there was a break up. So, there was some tension that was and wasn’t there throughout the episode. The enemy do seem like interesting characters though. The human characters did have small bits of their story show up and I think that learning about Gauma searching for a woman was important to show he was a human too. Same with him just having a job.

Also, the action scenes had some short cuts, but were pretty fun. The Kaiju with his explosion powers was sent into space by Dynazenon and it was destroyed there. That was also preceded by a stellar transformation sequence once all of their hearts were united, so it was just pure fun. Plus, space. They went to space. Space space. In the end, it was pretty. Still a more then solid episode that had to be here. I just think those episodes are less fun.

Vivy -Flourite Eye’s Song- Episode 4

Found on Funimation

This was and wasn’t the conclusion I expected from last arc. Why? It went where I thought it would go but felt too busy leading everything to be a little too fast and unsubtle. Why? On the space hotel, there were three reveals. One was the one the younger sister of Momoka. The second one that Estella, who owns the space hotel, and has a twin sister named Elizabeth that was stowed away from a long time when adopted by an evil group. The second one was Toak who survived Vivy’s sabotage from last time? Do we have a family of villains that will appear throughout time? After the beautiful set up from last episode, this one fill apart in a lot of ways. No dramatic glasses taking off is going to change anything about that. Some of the action felt choppy too. IN the end, it was just an above average episode.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 3 Episode 3

On Crunchyroll

After all the time and space traveling of last episode, I feel like the man conceit and meat of the story has made its appearance. Not only TM Revolution’s escape from his kingdom in the movie, but Shang’s story with his wandering swords. Especially since the kingdom is falling apart by a mad princess and there is power at play which needs Shang’s swords. Also, a deity that we don’t know of? After TM Revolution got stabbed, this was the crazy place this went. Also, dark monk had his arm replaced with a technogadget guy who made fun of his sword wife, so the tech guy was left behind despite the portal he controlled. Lots of things to consider here.

86 Episode 2

Found on Crunchyroll

Not as strong of a second episode as I would have liked, but still generally solid over all. We got to see Undertaker and his crew in action with Lena barely making any sort of decision that helped, but seeing them in action was great. Especially since the last battle was a bit nonsensical, but this battle itself was great and very well-choreographed. I am happy about knowing the other enemy units through our 86ers knowing what units from the enemy are at play. Plus, we got to see more of Shin and the other’s personality. That was the best part of the show along with Lena’s interactions with this as a voice only.

The part with Lena was weaker, but generally good as well. I do like how the exposition of the world was explained through giving a lecture to students that are being brain washed. That moment after where she felt like she did something a society that will just brainwash the students afterwards. The silver haired members of the 85 districts? Hmmm. Very interesting world construction here in a real robot like setting. Lots to think about in a good way.

Moriarty Part 2 Episode 3

On Funimation

Well, this episode wasn’t what I was expecting but it was a good play for Moriarty to gain even more people under his service. The resolution was pretty low stakes and just involved Irene Addler passing over the documents about the French Revolution, written by a Holmes, and then working under the Moriarty. Doing so givers her the new identity of James Bond. Excellent. Sherlock himself didn’t do much in this episode besides act and react to keep Irene Addlet alive and then burn the letter when realizing that Irene Addler isn’t actually did. This was more Moriaty’s episode with his movements under curtains and talking with Mycroft to not get involved with Moriarty’s schemes of changing England. Excellent. Not a perfect episode, but a more then good one.

Megalobox 2: Nomad Episode 3

On Funimation

A lot going on in this episode and a very good and consistent way. Joe starts to go on his journey to get over the death of his teacher while helping Chief out. Very little on him in this episode besides him helping and recovering, because the focus is on Chief himself. Chief working hard to fight, helping people, getting blamed, and dealing with the attacks brought in by the actual citizens through sabotage, damaging the water supply, and such. There are some very good fights in this episode too with Chief either winning out right or fooling his opponent. It’s really cool to have so much happen in a show and have it connect together so well.

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